Dem akiomba pesa jamaa mukikuyu from karatina


Insomnia banae

exactly that’s how bitches should be treated

Bitches ain’t shit

broke slay bandit ??? :D:D:D

Best way to deal with a parasitic bitch!

Msapere wa karatina hawes ongea osungu swafi hivo

Fake text meffi

I need to use the exact same words kwa kupe fulani.

no need, you problems are solvable, wewe Huna pesa,yeye anataka pesa,do this weka hio number inbox

Behind the scenes

blue tick

:D:D to the grave man


Ngui! Ùrenda twarie Kibukusu? Jinga!


Unnecessarily rude.
Why not just ghost her?
She will get the message and keep off.

He wishes he could say that but he’ll just have to be content with texting himself

hehe, the art of slay banditry has been on the rise lately.
its some kind of investment plan
they spend a little money to look good in order to attract more money
like get 10k from small sponsors, spend it on a mini-photo-shoot, then use those photos to get bigger sponsors.

awesome…ill be sure to try that