Delythecream... Wld u smash or pass?



postwall takataka

Mega BBW

Hii ni koomah mzee… Judy anyango has been peddling that wet crack for eons… Saa hii yeye ametoka category ya 150 sasa bei ya jioni 50 with a free condom as a sweetner for the deal.

Fixed price


Rexxmbwa repost


Judy Anyango big machine… would definitely smash


@rexxsimba will masturbate until his hands get blisters

Clean thy eyes you poor sons from thy great land of Ktalk


click the link bitch

I would smash, lakini chini ya maji. But knowing my luck, ile siku niko na yeye ndio ntapatana na mabeste wangu wote kwa barabara :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Harufu mbaya. Pass

Anapatikan ma wapi?


[SIZE=7]Never, [/SIZE][SIZE=4]e[/SIZE]ven with my apocalyptic [SIZE=6] [/SIZE][SIZE=5] [/SIZE][SIZE=4] [/SIZE]dry spell.

Something needs to be said here …

This glorious BBBW will never be more than a fantasy to all Juveniles in here …:D:D

1/ Almost NONE of you can put up the KES: 50K minimum charge for Services.

2/ None of you can handle all that honey…


I’ll stick to my lane