Delusion or Business?

Which day is the Sabbath day?

And on the seventh day… God rested… Should be the seventh day of the week…

Any day can be whatever you want it to be, but generally nobody cares

@Eng’iti begs differ. Sabbath to him is Saturday

And that begs the question, does a week start on Sunday or Monday?

Wasee mi ni deacon

Kwaani, hii Sabato ni ya watu au ya Mungu? Are we free to say my day my choice vile wanasema my body my choice, halafu kudungwa dungwa na sindano ya COVID-19, kitu yenye hata haieleweki. Mimi nimeachia hapo.

The Sabbath was created for man. Not the other way round. Jesus said that

What does it mean? Don’t just quote without explaining

Man is superior to the Sabbath. You can worship any day of the week. You should not fear to attend to other urgent matters just because it is on a Sabbath

You’re crazy man, Wajackoya the 2nd. How do you compare man to a day? You rather compare man to a lion. Or are you trying to compare man with God?

Good question,

Common debate so I just had to share.

(Colossians 2:16-17) No one should condemn you on when you decide to observe the Sabbath.

At the end of the day what will get you into heaven is abstaining from sin, believing Jesus Christ is the Son of God and obeying His Commands.One thing we should notice , sadly, is that “we christians” have been distracted by debates such as “which day is the Sabbath” and “which food is clean and unclean” while other hidden sins that pertain to the heart remain hidden…The Bible is not only about the Sabbath or statues in the church or food. Its ONLY ABOUT JESUS AND ALL HIS COMMANDS.

Think about it. Does it really matter “when is the Sabbath” if as a woman you cheat on your husband or commit aboshons on the other 6 days, you flirt with your wife’s friends if you are a man or steal from your old parents as a child? Yet on the Sabbath, you are either leading the church in praise and worship or giving the Sabbath teaching?

Sabbath is required to ensure one does not get lost in the cares of life,especially work.The body requires atleast 1 day of rest so that it can function effectively.
Why? Because the Creator said so! Recently, scientific research in Asia has revealed that lacking rest and enough sleep actually leads to premature death among workers.For once, science demonstrated that Elohim was wise when “He Rested”

(Matthew 12:1-8),(Luke 6:1-5) Jesus Christ is the Lord of the Sabbath.What this shows is that we should ensure that during “the Sabbath” you engage in activities that please and glorify Yahweh.

Praise Jesus!

You have used the Bible to attempt to defend your personal inclination. You should use the Bible to defend the Biblical truth

Please elaborate and also share what is the true position.