Delta plus variant is here wadau.


Hizo vaccine hazifanyi kazi

kwa ground tushakubaliana hakuna covid19, izi vitu tunaziona kwa media tu

China, Russia bla bla bla.
Can’t you see the narrative being built and no one talks of USA?

Sisi baafrika tunangojea Zulu XL variant

:D:Dbig pharma inamalisa customers

sputnik was nonsense, never trust Russian bullshit . a country without independent civil society you cant trust their goods

How do they screen for these Variants ?

US had their deaths ? Wasn’t that in the media ?

Anything COVID, is yesterday’s news by now.
Get vaccinated if you want, or trust your immunity. Media will be spinning emergence of new version every day, wait till that iliterate health cs mungiki kagwe hears again …

Tanzanians walikataa hii upuss na wako sawa

Pure progaganda and fear mongering