Delayed Periods or Pregnancy?

Can I speak to guys who have been in this situation? Let us talk about [SIZE=5]unwanted pregnancy[/SIZE]. Did you experience loss of appetite and sleep? I bet what you wanted most was the test results. Must have been a miserable week and a period of life reflection. Did you remember your God?

Were you thinking about abortion or raising the kid in hardship? Were you ready to live with the [SIZE=5]guilt of abortion[/SIZE] in case the results turned positive? [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)][SIZE=5]What did you do when the pregnancy results turned negative? [/SIZE]Feel free to share your mind!

Take responsibility like a man


Angikorwo Wii Mundurume Na Uinukaga Mbere Ya Thaa Inya Cia Utuku…HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY.
Angikorwo Wii Mundurume Na Ni Wiroraga Na Gicicio My Friend…HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY.
Angikorwo Wii Mundurume Na Niuri Thende Nene My Friend HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY…Mundurume ni gukorwo flat nathutha.
Angikorwo Wii Mundurume Na Ni Unyuaga Yoghurt, HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY. Mundurume ni kuria mbembe ya kuhihia.
Angikorwo Wii Mundurume Na Niuri Wateng’ura Iriia HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY…Mundurume ni kwirorera rigiitika.
Angikorwo Wi Mundurume Na Ndungireka Mutumia Waku Ahutie Remote…HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY…Mundurume ni kuhoria Tv Orio Ni Mundu.
Angikorwo Wii Mundurume Na Nduri Warara Nja My Friend Umuthi Ni Muthenya Wanyu…HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY…Mundurume ni kurara nja na agoka kirooko akinungaga mutungo…


Feel free to add yourselves to this list.


ungui biu,gati gaka

I hear you my friend

Am in that situation right now… Ana sema niende nikaone wazazi wake before ikue kubwa… @KaBuda niambie venye kuna endanga

hee maa! umuthi niwanjuraga mani!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Holy shiot… Fala ni fala tu.

Hii ni upuss… Mie ni opposite of what you describe as a man na uwa cvalii skirt… Meffi…

Hi UI mpya ina bore…

Wanaume watumie family protection na si tafathali

Aftermaths za valentines


When we started having sex with my girl (Virgin) she would anxiously wait for her periods every month. If it delayed for 1-2 days she would be in serious panic mode. I never worried as we were using condoms thorough out until this one month when the condom burst. I knew I didn’t ejaculate but venye her periods delayed by around kitu 5 days Jasho ikaanza kunitoka. Msichana was getting panic attacks hadi aliniomba ni buy these test kits. She tested it with her urine and she told me it was 2 lines. Ferk that means she is pregnant?!?!?!?!!?!?!. I froze and something strange was happening to my heart. I couldn’t even think straight. Alafu akaanza kuchoka ati she’s just joking hako pregnant. Cruelest joke she played on me. Went to the balcony and I couldn’t breath well for around 45 minutes. Anyways if she truly was pregnant I would have deferred my course, looked for a job and possibly support her through her education in the event her parents disowned her.

Skirt ya nini? Wanawake walianza kuvaa longi kitaambo…

When the pregnancy test turned out negative i went to have a celebratory beer…


:eek:I can sense a hekaya from miles away. Leso na popcorns check…:wink:
Princebushy, all those are symptoms of pregnancy. Confirm with a urine test, then a blood test, and in 5-7 weeks, a fetal ultrasound. Congrats papa :D:D

It seems you experienced the breathless feeling. Angekanyagia for one week, she would have known who you really are when you get depressed.