Degree Holders In Kenya

Maisha ngumu!! What’s important for me is to live by my own standards. No need to pretend I’m something that am not, lifestyle must fit my pockets. I think the pressure to appear ‘successful’ meaning you wear a suit to work, have an office makes people afraid to venture into entrepreneurship. I really hate my job sometimes but I know not having a job is worse, so pick your poison. Do you want stability or freedom?!!


Nice points which apply to most graduates. But of course there are a few exceptions.

Hujaambia watu wa bank Kina @Okiya vipoa

I want to suckle ur labia minora dry


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There are many graduates in the informal business sector. Change your company and you will realise that.

Our mentality as a society needs an update. It’s all about usome alafu uandikwe kazi not usome kisha uanze kitu yako. Free thinking & trying new things should be encouraged. Instead we have a pattern where being employed somewhere is seen as a pinnacle. Status is increased when one is said to have gone to university and now works for so and so.

How much do you think Bill Gates would be earning had he decided to work for someone? Or even Zuckerberg?

am guilty of number 10.

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Your next logical step should be to apply what you’ve learnt and become Peter North “Okwonkwo”

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Blame it on the informal nature of our economy…things will change though,however long it takes


I find it funny when someone introduces himself so proudly with his employer,because they make billions na wewe hapo ni data entry clerk.

Hi. im Steve, and I work for safaricom. NONSENSE!!!


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I would not encourage ‘throwing’ away one’s degree rather unlocking & throwing away the mental chains that make one believe being employed somewhere is the only road to success. Out-the-box thinking adds a invaluable practical dimension to a formal schooling.


You make a valid point but i wont look down upon a degree. Anyone who’s been through a degree will agree, much as you have one, you cant help but see some gaps in the market esp if your field of study is not your passion, embrace that and truely with time, cash will flow.


Are you suggesting that they should be ashamed of being associated with their employer?o_O

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Its human nature for one to want to revel in their perceived achievements. Be happy for them. Dude, if you have an issue with something that minute maybe its you who should take a critical look at yourself as a person…you know…for signs of Jealousy maybe…:rolleyes:

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When you work for a company that is operating on huge profits you must feel good about the achievement. Its not personal but acknowledging the efforts of each and everyone including yourself.@Touchlyrics if you think that is arrogance try working for a sinking company and tell me If you will be spared the turmoils

Nice article but who said the two are mutually exclusive? There are lots of graduates in formal employment and running businesses too…