Degraded Humanity Mindset

Basically as humans we are so degraded in our minds that it’s like an adult human can barely tell right from wrong anymore. The older I get the more sense the Bible makes to me. Some of my favorite verses are Do not be conformed to the patterns of this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you may know what the good, perfect and pleasing will of God is.
The other is do not be deceived God cannot be mocked whatsoever a man that shall he reap. The other is love of the world is enmity with God so do not love the world and anything in it, for in the world there is nothing but the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.

OK. Lemme talk about Kenya, we in this country are so degraded that we want to vote in genocidaires like watu wameisha. I won’t go into this. Kenya has become a dumping ground for cancer causing substandard foods because money must be made. The worst part is that it’s so normalized and regular that it no longer bothers Kenyans. It’s become a joking and laughing matter. Who here hasn’t fondly referred to sugar as my mercury? People are dying of cancer like flies and the importation of cancer causing substandard stuff is untouched. If anything it is escalating. And Kenyans in their apathy will even defend this people who are killing them. I saw people here defending supermarket meat after Expose red alert. Ati media is lying. Only for inspectors to prove its even worse than what was aired.

People have lost family values and their sense of morality is completely degraded. Just yesterday I highlighted some successful girls who were heartbroken bcz their dad’s weren’t in their lives. Men and even women who all grew up with fathers themselves came out to bash everything from the kids, to the media, to the mothers struggling to raise these kids by themselves. An ordinary widower became an instant celebrity just for being a decent human being. Apparently the caliber of men we have is so bad that if you are just a decent and supportive husband you came from heaven. Imagine! The man did not do anything extraordinary. But the acclaim he’s received shows you how low our expectations are and what we are used to is. It’s the degradation, it’s a big deal nowadays to just be a good human being. Especially if you are male. You must be superhuman.

The worst part is that these degraded mindset is just part of the fallen man. It was there as far back in Gomorrah Abrahams time and in Noah’s time. If you read the prophets. You will see exact description of the things that are happening in our society. It’s all there in the Bible. I know plenty of times there’s nothing we can do about it but pray but then let’s not allow our minds and our conscience to become degraded by our rotten environment and society. To the point Wea we defend wrong. Let’s maintain high and godly standards for our lives, in our minds and hearts. It may not change the world but it will certainly will keep us from becoming degraded by the world around us. It’s not OK for men to abandon their own kids, it’s not OK for so called leaders to give Kenyans cancer enmasse to get rich so that the same Kenyans they’re poisoning can respect and vote for them. It’s not OK for there to be so few decent men that a man is referred to as coming from heaven for merely loving and being there for his wife as all men should. It’s not OK to vote for known genocidaires and looters bcz well what choice is there? Everyone is rotten anyway. It’s not OK and we don’t have to participate in the debauchery. We don’t have to agree with wrong. And much as we may feel powerless let’s not be degraded to just defend and go a long with what is clearly wrong. And become part of the normalization of evil, of lack of conscience and even defending and supporting what is wrong . Especially because we are over 80% Christian in this nation . I know it’s not easy but our lives and our voices can be that resistance to evil. And even when we fail bcz of our frail humanity let’s admit it and do better going forward.

Ni hayo tuu watazamaji.


Kutukana mama ya mtu is also part of a degraded mindset, don’t you think?

I don’t know anyone here from a can of paint besides one guy whose mom is or was an alcoholic and another one who was in fake PhD class that I dropped out of bcz my conscience could not allow me to be start being given exam leakage at PHD level . The whole point of me insulting your mother who I don’t know is to make a point to you. Ask yourself why I don’t insult fathers. Critical thinking as to motivation behind my actions.

The point is that you look at other women as whores, as bitches,as cum dumpsters, as gold diggers, as single mothers of bastards to be pumped and dumped. So you may not know this but all women are precious, they’re precious to someone as a daughter, mother, sister ok? So if you can not respect a woman, any woman for that matter, then equally your own mother does not deserve any respect whatsoever. So all I do is give you guys a taste of your own medicine. I don’t think you have seen me insult a woman’s mother. It’s always men bcz I want them to feel the misogynistic hateful disrespectful energy they put out here in spades. And you can see that it affects them when it’s them or their beloved mothers on the receiving end. So you can rest assured that the day men start to respect women is the day I respect their mothers. I am just mirroring back to you whatever garbage you put out. Even God in all His holiness, ensures that they reap what they sow. So if you don’t like the woman you love and respect to be called names then restrain yourself from calling other women who others love and respect names are we togeza?

:D:D afadhali nirushie matiangi mawe kuliko kusoma hizo essay

We are togeza.
But under whose authority do you act? God has his own, under whose do you act?
What of those whose mothers you insult who aren’t misogynistic?

I’ll be right back to read this …

Kingdom come the day I will Finnish reading trumundu kapondi

We were told this would happen. It’s difficult to see but you keep your focus on God and helping those who can be helped.

@TrumanCapote hakuna venye izi essays unaeza fupisha ama unaeka summury(hapo chini)because sometimes am interested in your posts but they prove to be too long so naexit threads tu roho safi.