Deforestation - Charcoal Burning

Charcoal burning is the equivalent of reaping where you have not sown, in greek parlance its “karia nime”.
The license to burn charcoal has been used by successive governments to reward it cronies. The problem now is that we have lost a lot of forest cover as these charcoal burners do not invest in tree plantations , they simply curve out chunks of forest, burn and laugh all the way to the bank.:mad::mad:
The question that begs, is why have we not had a wood fuel policy seeing that a huge percentage of the population relies on wood fuel for energy?
Why do we not have communal land set aside for fire wood and timber?
This should be land where trees are planted on a regular bases and older trees culled for fuel. The community would have access to firewood and timber at a small fee or in exchange of labour such as planting trees and chopping wood.
The second question that begs is that in an era of bio-gas, why do we not have bio-gas digesters in every village in kenya and do away with the need for charcoal?:rolleyes::rolleyes:
As long as we eat and sh**, we and our cows produce enough waste to run small industries. :smiley:

This is one project that would go a long way in creating jobs and industries in the rural areas, reduce rural to urban migration while saving our forests.
@spear please tell your bosses to consider this, its an easy project to initiate and consider it my free service to the community.:D:D
I’m jubilee damu lakini hapo wanatuangusha, end of rant.:mad::mad:

The whole story is being revisited because the water table level is at its lowest in February . Ngoja kunyeshe uone vile hii stori itasahaulika.

Hemp wood is more efficient

You think “telling” leaders make them change? You think they are kindergaten kids?

are you aware that the government has been promoting the uptake of natural gas as an alternative fuel including the distribution of subsidized meko cylinders and burners through National Oil?

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In order to save our forest we should go the Ngilu way. Those lorries which ferry charcoal or woods to be burned down. It times we hit them where its hurt.

the topic is energy if you can’t see that. what you feel about my fanaticism is your problem. have a good day Sir.


Not anarchy we should it where it hurts more.

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Saving our forest the rough way.