Definition Of A Sh!thole City / Country. Amazon Worker Is Homeless Because She Can't Afford NYC Rent With The $19/Hr Pay

Doesn’t have to be in Africa, South America or Asia, hata USA ni Meffi. There is someone in Zambia earning the equivalent of $15 a day and lives much better quality of life than these US workers who live in their cars in a parking lot.


An Amazon employee who works at the company’s warehouse on Staten Island in New York City says she lives in her car in the building’s parking lot because she can’t afford rent in the city with the $19.30 she makes per hour, Vice News reported Friday.

The woman, Natalie Monarrez, has been homeless since 2019 after struggling to find affordable permanent housing while working for two other Amazon warehouses in New Jersey that paid her even less, according to Vice.
“Jeff Bezos donates to homeless shelters for tax write-offs and PR. He needs to know that some of his own workers (without family or a second income) can’t afford rent,” Monarrez told Vice.
“Jeff Bezos has no idea that his workers are homeless, especially in New York, and I’m not the only one. I’m hoping executives will agree to pay workers more and that they know older workers have the right to be promoted like everyone else,” she added.


Josh Gomez 32, taking a nap in his van with his 14 month son, he is now homeless as a result of a shrinking economy due to Covid 19.

Jeff Bezos and his newspaper the Washington Post was very anti Trump and you can see why. He uses slaves in both China and the the U.S.

That way he gets to keep all the profits in his pocket enabling him to become the richest man on earth.

Milton Hershey would be disgusted by this sheer greed.

Top Chinese ruling elites i.e ruling class wakipewa cut yao from the manufacturer they look the other way.

Amazon workers have to pee in bottles and shit in paper bags just so that American morons can get their same day delivery of crap !
Don’t forget in the coming years Amazon , walmart will be the biggest employers in most states !

And the sad thing is that the same company will pretend to be “woke” and the far-left liberals will celebrate and defend it.

…but where in the contract does it state that amazon will provide accomodation and shrewd financial management classes???