defiling agemate court nonesense


Huyo dem ako na chronic PNC ya orgasms

How is it defilement?

Noogle,si Dem alichange mind,ni the kijana who on second hearing decided he didn’t defile the girl,kwani kibera hakuna Grammer teachers?

Usually forced by wazazi to push the case forward, record statements and all

Sex with anyone below 18 years, with or without their consent

Yeah but the guy is also below 18yrs so how come he’s the one being charged with defilement

The law is stubborn;its an ass

In my thinking, such issues are always parents of the girl pushing for prosecution

This is the point. If the sex was forced on someone, then its rape, and the boy has a case to answer, but if it was through consent, there is no case since both are of similar age. The girl has to prove that it was indeed a forceful entry with proper evidence.

You can’t charge minors of similar age for defilement unless there was a second influence or injury. In other words, They defiled each other.

vijana walitombana but wazazi ya musichana wakaona hawawezi kaa na aibu had ruracio so wakaseti boychild bure

Kama msichana hajapata ujauzito, sijui shida iko wapi…kuna mtu anataka kujifaidi kiujanja.

Under 18 hamna kitu kama consent