Defense Wounds :On man who killed with a knife and dismembered his old parents

If this chunky guy can get defensive wounds on his hands, arms and legs, from killing his 2 old parents with a knife, how can a feather weight kill 5 people and not even a scratch or a bruise on him? He’s fair skinned, it would show clearly.

You only get defensive wounds if the victim fights back. Also factor in time. The suspect above has pictures taken a day or two after the crime. How many days had transpired before was the skinny guy caught. By then wounds have started healing and some may need a trained eye to identify. And did Kenyan police attest to no defensive wounds or is this just public sleuthing?

Also some skinny people are very strong.

So out of 5 people nobody fought back. Nobody screamed. Nobody even tried to grab his hand.

You can tell a strong man by how his hands dangle. This boy isn’t strong. Like disabled men are usually very strong if it’s the lower limbs that are disabled. Warunges hands look like a person with polio. Very weak gait.

Awhile back I was hit by a door some one opened on my arm, it’s over a month now and though it’s fading, the bruise still shows, scars and bruises take time to fade. Especially if you are not a very dark skinned person.

Was DNA taken from the finger nails of the victims to see if another DNA was present?

But where are you getting this info that they never struggled? If it’s not from the police, is not credible.

If they struggled they’d have been screams and defensive wounds.

Many people have been killed in apartments and nobody heard anything. And my question remains, how do you know there’s no defensive wounds. Are you going by social media pics. I did not follow the case that’s why I ask?

Detectives are following leads of other people involved. I looked at the videos I saw