So apparently, there was a fight for power in heaven between God and Satan.So God kicks Satan Down but gives him the power to rule the earth, torment his own creation?? Why wouldn’t he have done away with the devil once and for all and let humans live peacefully in Eden??? So what is the essence of humans suffering for a consensus between God and Satan?? Don’t you think humans are innocent??? We don’t deserve this shit that we Go through. God and Satan would have sorted their issues out without involving us… I never understand this crap!!

This tread ain’t Sexually related, but you can think of it as you "Choke Monkey "

Base ya mogokaa haijafungwa?

Because Satan, in his jealousy, challenged him… it was never about taking the throne.Satan told God that his creation was shit and God , in his anger ,indignation and ego ,cast the morning star down on Adam and Eve to prove Him wrong and the rest .as they say ,is history.


So apparently Satan was right as Adam and Eve fell for his tricks?

Boss, heshimu jaba. Kama hujai ambua wachana na starehe za de mboiz sasawa?

Satan proved that humans have a weakness. But your question should be if God gave us redemption then why not offer the same to his fallen angels ?
Why is his love for us greater than for the ones he created to be his companions ?

So God created imperfect beings???

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good debate…my guy

i ask my self the same thoughts, and I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing like hell.It was a man-made stuff to create fear amongst subjects

because, why would I be part of a war that does not involve me in any way?

fahali wawili wapiganapo nyasi ndio huumia

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