deep thoughts

every year you pass your birthday and know you were born that day but every year you pass your death day with no clue

This is not deep. This is stupid…a birthday is record/anniversary/note of a past event. How can you have a death day which would be a record/anniversary of an event that has not happened?
It like saying today is the birthday of my of unborn great great great grandaughter.

You are being too literal… It’s not a must for you to live, not everyone lives but everybody dies. Each passing minute, hour and day, a person dies, not because we anticipate death. He didn’t mean that you have a death day but it’s acknowledging the fact that you didn’t or haven’t died.

Don’t bash the guy! He has a point. What he is insinuating is that one day you will die, and that day will be commemorated by your descendants even though you won’t be there. And the fact that you don’t know the date does not mean that it won’t be there.

No no no! You cannot talk about your birthdays passing and in the same sentence talk about your death day passing as well, then try to explain it away as one day you will die and you dont know when.

That statement is nonsense and is not deep. It is meant to sound deep but it entirely nonsensical.

have you ever sat down watch someone trying to draw sense from nonsense

atlonglast you nailed it:D:D