Deep State Person That You Never See

Reclusive city billionaire Mike Maina was nowhere near the demolition of residential houses in Kayole Nairobi where he was claiming more than 20 acres of land.
Maina, the owner of Marble Arch hotel off Tom Mboya Street and Pelican Signs, is so private, no photo of him was in the public domain. When former Roads minister Franklin Bett condemned Maina’s eight-bedroom home valued at over Sh100 million in Spring Valley, Nairobi for being on a road reserve and earmarked it for demolition in 2010, the businessman did not appear in public to protest as is normally the case.

He is the guy Governor Sonko was insulting on the recorded phone call and all the guy asked Sonko was “Matusi ni ya nini bwana?” Ogopa sana such people.

Mike Maina, for instance, shields himself from the world. He prefers communicating through written notes passed on by messengers, just like American billionaire, the late Howard Hughes, who ran his multimillion-dollar hotel and airline empire through copious notes passed on by Mormon bouncers guarding him.

Maina’s first business was Shoe Shinning

So he has an army or what?

Ask Sonko or Ruto, they will answer you.

Wash wash, drugs na kuuzia waarabu gold fake

Yaani mtu ako beneath Sonko alitoanishwa kama mtoto ndo unaita deep state?

Wakora tu

Did Mike Maina pass you this reply in a note?

That fellow is a silent Tycoon. He has severally made the govt pay him for demolishing his properties. Filthy rich man who also owns flower farms. These are the fellows who sonko was playing with and they were already calling shots in the city when sonko was still a scruffy land fraudster in Kwale.

Heshima muhimu.

Another silent one is Evans Kidero. Both DCI and Sonko threatened his peace and that of his lawyer Ojienda. Both adversaries found themselves on slippery slopes with the sleuths retreating and apologizing, while Sonko was hounded out of office like a chokora.

This silently operating jeng is up there with Raira among the most powerful dudes from Nyanza

I have a feeling this fella has a ‘heavy’ hand in Sonko’s woes. Na vile chokosh hiyo siku alikuwa amejichocha ati anatosha mboga…kumbe hakujua yeye ni saucer!