Deep state in the city

The Hustler Nation Intelligence Bureau ( HNIB) agents are reporting that;

  1. A highly CLASSIFIED meeting was held at a school near State House, yesterday - 4th May, 2022, between players in the Security sector, National Government Administration Officers (NGAO) and top Azimio candidates in Nairobi.

Polycarp Igathe ( Azimio Gubernatorial candidate)

Edwin Sifuna ( Azimio Senatoroal Aspirant)

Muthonj Passaris ( Nairobi, Azimio, Woman Rep Candidate)

  1. The meeting was convened and chaired by Nairobi Regional Commisioner William Kangethe Thuku.

  2. The Nairobi County Commissioner, Deputy commissioners, Assistant Commissioners, Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs were all in attendance.

  3. In efforts to control leakage, no officer or aspirant was allowed to get in the meeting with a phone.

  4. The agenda of the meeting was to force the security and NGAO officers to play a PARTISAN role in the 2022 elections in Nairobi.

  5. The top three aspirants in attendance were informed that the Security and Ngao officers would be their Campaigners and would ensure that " UDA does NOT get any vote in the City, come rain, come shine"

“We will do all that it takes under our powers to ensure we deliver results, on behalf of the CS Interior, Fred Matiangi, his PS Kibicho and the President”

“With us you cannot fail, save your campaign money and trust us, we will work for you on behalf of our bosses”

  1. One of the strategies, is a Mass Voter transfer into Nairobi.

The Officers asked the politicians to identify as many supporters as they can outside Nairobi and " through our contacts in IEBC we will ensure they transfer their vote into Nairobi"

“On voting day we will transport them into the city and ensure they vote, we are the Government, leave the details of the how to us”

" Also identify strongholds of your opponents and tell us and we will ensure we make it impossible for them to vote on that day, using tried and tested methods"

" We will also demand IDs in the areas you identify as hostile and make sure they cannot vote, by delaying their applications for replacements,"

  1. The second strategy is a door to door campaign in Nairobi to decampaign UDA and promote Azimio . We will escort you to homes so that people feel comfortable to welcome you. We will donate the trust of our uniforms and crowns to you to have it easy campaigning."

" We will also arrest petty offenders, like drunkards in the city and organize to release them on ‘your request’ - we can organize that twice every week."

" We start working right away, please make sure you use us, we are at your service and unlike others who just want your money, we are here under express instructions and firm orders and as you know we operate by Orders!"

  1. So excited was the Azimio trio by the commitment of the Deep State of Nairobi, that they committed to secrecy.

None of them posted on their otherwise active Social Media Handles about the meeting.

  1. EIGHT of the attendees have since signed a letter and sworn an Affidavit capturing the details of the meeting and explaining the danger and their unwillingness of being partisan in the upcoming elections.

Our agents will consider if to share the letter and affidavits once all recipients get a copy.


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