Deep state imeamua kumalisa The Cuomos kabisa

Sexual harrassment claims are the most potent weapon one can use against western politicians and public figures. It doesn’t matter if the allegations are true or not, you become an immediate pariah. Wajuaji, hii bado ni camp ya Kamala Harris inamalisa potential rivals for the 2024 Democratic Party nomination, ama what’s the bigger picture?

[I]Days before Chris Cuomo was suspended then fired from CNN for intimately helping his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a new allegation of sexual harassment against the anchor emerged.

Attorney Debra Katz said in a statement Sunday that she contacted CNN on Wednesday regarding her client’s allegations of “serious sexual misconduct” against Cuomo.

Two days later, she said she “was in discussions with CNN about providing documentary evidence of my client’s allegations and making my client available for an interview with CNN’s outside counsel.”[/I]

Look at how thoroughly CNN is throwing him under the bus :D:D:D:D

Democrats, Cuomo was getting ahead of himself, and would’ve caused some upsets down the line

I like how CNN fired him for aiding his brother but also included a harrassment claim from an “anonymous person he worked with years ago.” How convenient. They knew he was in a good position to inherit his brother’s political base, so included the sexual harrassment charges to pre-empt it.

Ogopa siasa na wanawake.

Muzito uncle Trump Ako ngangari 2024

Hii Trial ya Ghislaine Maxwell haileti bidii.

Kumbao mbao tu ya kifala

thank God, hii umbwa Cuomo ilikuwa inatusi uncle Trump so animatedly pale CNN, mtu angefikiria CNN ni ya mama yake . umbwa ghassia takataka yeye

Mbona hao victims huzama chini ya maji all their lives…wacha usimame kiti ya governor ama president. Wanaanza kutokea kila mahali kama komba mwiko. Kunafaa kuwa na laws. Ukinyamaza after a certain period of time then unyamaze forever. Those are enemies of progress. Imagine ulikula lanye SJ at willing buyer willing seller. Later unataka kusimama kiti then malanye wanatokelezea kusema vile yoh took advantage of them and shiet

Tricky sana, sidhani wakitoboa 2 years yeye, biden na agwambo

On that note, Kuna statute of limitation for a sexual offense?


Its interesting hio trial haiko live. Kwanza niko sure wazito wengi walikuwa wanamolest watoi huko kwa island ya Epstein.