Deep state and Raila

Earlier I posted this picture taken at Raila’s office with two influential businessmen to showcase who the establishment prefers. Actually, Raila is just a stepping stone to their ambitions. Being aged, Mr. Odinga is highly unlikely to vie, so, the deep state wants to prop him in order for him to support their preferred candidate. The most likely candidates will be Musalia, Gideon Moi and Fred Matiang’i with the likes of Kibwana and Mutua as running mates. This means what the establishment is hoping to achieve is to convince Mr. Odinga to support a candidate of their choice. As for Mr. Odinga, he will keep his job at the AU for awhile. On the other hand, they will fund Ruto’s campaign provided he picks a running mate the deep state will choose.

Matiangi and raila are only a means to an end which is dealing with ruto and bringing an executive pm , uhurus headache is kurudishia gideon kiti