Deep Learning Practicality

Given the enormous amounts of data it takes to train a neural network (a profitable one at that) and the complexities and ethics involved in the data curation process, is neural network training really practical for individual developers ? or is it better left to corporations who not only have the hardware, the data, but also the financial means to acquire data.



Hehe, you want to do AI in a core 2 duo CPU na bundles za safcon? Hii kitu mimi najua inahitaji bangi na pesa mzuri


Si kuna companies that hire out their string of nVidia graphic cards, last time ilikuwa kitu $45 a day, can’t remember the name, you connect to their servers and train or mine bitcoin at the comfort of your home

Ndio nilisema, bangi na pesa mingi. Na huyu hataki kuchimba bitcoin, anataka kufundisha robot kupata chuom za kusalimiana

Yeah you’re right, the problem isn’t the infrastructure though, i can get those on AWS for cheap, its procuring data about on specific domain, that’s the challenge.but anyway.

:D:D:D wewe na wewe scope yako ya applications za deep learning iko narrow excess, hizi models zinaeza abstract high dimensional data to any representation you find useful,