Deek kwa kitofu

Just the other day i shared my story on how disappointed I was with Mlolongo as a brothel. So the story continues.

Just past 6pm i did a small research on my phone “prostitutes hotspots in mlolongo”. Mr google directed me to Madharau street. A few minutes later i was in a dingy “drinking Joint” - i would rather call it a brothel. I order my Tusker in a Majorly keg drinking joint. Two bottles later the small head takes control. The devil never dissapoints - a lady gives me a “sasa si unibuyie hata ka soda” moment. With the small head in control the frontal opening of the big head says “Mpatie soda”.

Fast foward after some minutes the famous words “situende kwa room” are uttered. The big head in liason with the small click and i hit my end of the bargain “Mimi nko poa” the frontal opening rush to massage my ego. “Nitakupea Romance na style zote na 300” those are the final words i heard before the small head took full control and we headed to the rooms. Long story short the romance i was promised was deek in the kitofu as the lady inserted my deek in her belly bottom and swirled her “three stomachs”.

I might be a low food chain feeder but its never a dull moment when the small head is in control.

Am sorry if that was @PHARMACY mother

Why are talkers not liking this great composition ,peeni kijana likes

From 60 belly buttons, the team found 2,368 bacterial species, 1,458 of which may be new to science.
Some belly buttons harbored as few as 29 species and some as many as 107, although most had around 67. Ninety-two percent of the bacteria types showed up on fewer than 10 percent of subjects—in fact, most of the time, they appeared in only a single subject.

@administrator block hii ujinga

You write very well…inaonekana ulisoma vizuri but how you choose to dip your deek in cheap whores sielewi. Hizo rooms za mlolongo si utaokota huko skin diseases na viroboto?

Chunga sana. @Starscream aliibiwa na hao malaya

Ni possible… wamama shapeless any part inamanyama nyama ni fwackable haja uweke lubrikeshen.

Unapewa nyap alafu unachukua kitovu.Deek haiwezi ingia kitovu

Kusema kitofu badala ya kitovu imeharibu story yote

:D:D:D nishai dinya landwhale kwa tirries mpaka nikalipuka kama volcano!!

Maji moto na towel.

Does this trick work :smiley:

Its kitovu not kitofu…OP kwani umetoka sehemu gani unangoa hivi

Tafuta baganda woman from UG halafu utuletee hekaya