Take a look at this chic. The picture was in another thread. Apparently she was out partying with a group of cheap hookers (wale sisters za @Jimit)

Now, this chic is decent-looking. I’m willing to bet @Jimit’s wife is not half as pleasant-looking. His wife is a big smelly Luo momo. We’ve all seen picture ya @Jimit. (If you haven’t, take a look at @Mzee mzima’s avatar.) If only he can bind his genes with those of the pictured girl, then posterity will benefit.

We know you homosexuality conman, unataka kuiba


Decent looking, but likely very far from being decent.

I wouldn’t mind cohabitating with a chic of such visage.

And then you’d likely dissapear in the grand canyon that’s 70 cm directly below that attractive jaw line. Looks tamu lakini tabia muhimu saidi.

mtu ametoboa mapua na decent haziambatani

wewe si your husband @poyoloko ametoboa matako?

I don’t find her sexually appealing. I find her appealing in a platonic “i’d-like-to-hang-out-with-her” sense, not in a “i’d-like-to-rip-her-panties-off” sense.

Most of all, I think she can do wonders for @Jimit’s posterity. Jimmy is stupid. The chic is cute.

Bruh. That last bit of your reply is 100% unnecessary. Kama ni vita inbox the man.

Fiiiiiiiiiiiinish that motherfucker, finish that dog ,mbwa yeye

Shuuuuuuuuuuuuut the fuck up cock sucker , shuuut the hell up vile mamako ushut akininyonya mboro angalau ukimwi aliniambukiza ipungue. Shenzi

oh jimit and I’ve been dealing blows with each other since the inception of this forum. But alright. Let me edit the comment, if for no other reason than my knowledge of the girl’s is pretty limited.

Angalai hii iko na pink handle