December holiday in Bangkok

While living in Bangkok, the best place for a week long vacation is visiting the Andaman coast, the south of Thailand. I am not into the larger tourist attractions like Phuket, however paradise lies along the beaches of Khao Lak about two hours north of Phuket! a sacred space, and lot’s of mom and pop bungalows at low prices. Amazing food, views and community.

Okay, I would rather go to African country than go a country that I might face racism.
We all know some people think African are thieves and spread AIDS.

Thailand tunatambua tu shemales


Come on… you’re displaying your naivety

Faux pas

Bangcock thighland??

Nineona shurshill alipewo gift ya 5 day all expenses paid trip to thighland by kabu of Bonfire adventures…

One of the most immoral places on earth

Nairobi is the Bangkok of Africa if you have never known,we are a prime sex tourism haven in the world other than Bangkok,Amsterdam,Medellin,Sao Paulo

Somehow, I’ve not really liked the Orientals much, notwithstanding the name"Bangkok".

Should have been named humpprick.

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