Debts, debtors and creditors

Good morning hardworking Kenyans? The rest you don’t deserve Kenya.
Unless you belong to the most peasantry state in this republic at some point one is faced with a friend or an acquittance who needs a soft loan. Mostly its the most trusted friends that come along with promises and exploit the trust to break the friendship. All seem to have genuine reason for the loan and deserving consideration or some are on gambling spree.

Most people or creditors who dish these favours end up heartbroken with scars to never heal. In fact a few honest friends refund on time, others need a little push from friendly uninformed uniformed men and some require threats to refund. I tried to raise this issue with some friends and the only thing they had is regrets. “I regret giving this friend this loan, … We’d still be friends”. Most would say. I had this friend who still owes money and still got enough courage to ask for extra cash! Did he assume I have forgotten?

I though of asking my old man for some advice and what he told me. If you want to keep friends stay away from these loans. If a friend is asking some 30k Dont give him a loan. Give him a grant of 1000 and tell him that’s the much you can afford!
How do you talkers handle this perennial money hungry debtors?

Just say huna. Hawezi kupiga tero.

Kuna workmates watajua tu uko na kakitu

My rule is this… kama huitwi @Lola- ama Some Say Jnr kauka. Hao tu ndio hukula pesa yangu.

Am the luckiest person babe

I better give a genuine one it sometimes helps not to think much kama Itarudishwa

Mimi huonyesha picha ya akaunt ikiwa empty. Hawajui about the other accounts

Haha ukianza kujidefend ndio wanatoa armoury yote utoe kakitu

Peana pesa, you lose the money and the friend at a go. Happens all the time like clockwork. I lost a friend after a 53k loan, nilisema ni Sawa tu.

Saa hii kuna mtu naangalia tu akipost picha za celebration na ako na pesa zangu. Who does that?

They do that all the time. Out of great respect I walked away, and I wish them well.

Best defence huwa wife. Yeye huwakausha live live…even kicks them out

That’s the only option one got

Deni tuliacha kupeana 2010. Kila mtu apambane na hali yake

:D:D not everybody is married. Big up to your wife

Yeye huwakumbusha ile time we needed help wakapotea…sahii tumekafunga sort of n the only friends ni wale walisaidia

My rule is simple, No loans to friends and family. Basically no loans unless I owe you a kidney. I learnt the hard way and lost a few frinds many yrs ago. Now mtu akiniomba loan I Usually tafutia them 200/ kama ni fam, kama ni friend anakauka, then respectably refer them to Branch, Tala na Mshwari.:D:D:D:D

That’s cold but come years to come watatii

I remember nkienda kureport kwa polisi juu nlikopesha rafiki pesa akakataa kulipa. wakaniuliza kama nina leseni ya kukopeshana, ama mimi ni financial institution, wakanifukuza mbio juu nawapotezea wakati na hekaya hazina mbele wala nyuma:D:D:D

:D:D:D they were fair huwa tunajifanya wazuri sana listening to friends escapades