Debt, revenge new twist in gruesome murder of Muranga woman whose body was cut in three pieces, dumped near school

The family of Joyce Wanjira who was brutally murdered and her body dumped in Kenol Maragua last Saturday now suspects she could have been killed by people who she owed some money.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a family member told K24 Digital that unidentified men used to drop by their homestead asking for Wanjira demanding that she gives them back their money.

The source said they believe this could be the reason why the deceased moved out of their home about a month ago as she tried to hide from her creditors.

Further, the family member said Wanjira stopped going to her place of work at Kenol market where she used to sell fresh maize.

“She moved out of home about one month ago and we suspect she was running away from these people, the family member said.

In a new twist, the brother said that a few months ago, Wanjira lost her phone and she suspected it was stolen by one of the traders in the market.

She warned that whoever has the phone should give it back or face dire consequences.

“The said person allegedly fell sick and died and her people said they would only rest after the one behind the death of their kin is also dead,” the brother said.

The source who spoke to K24 Digital ruled out any possibility of family members having a hand in the death of Wanjira as it is being alleged, pointing out that eight relatives are in police custody.

This he said has caused them emotional turmoil as people around them believe they killed their relative.

“We are willing to cooperate with the police in the investigation to get to the bottom of this matter and anyone who shall be found culpable will face the law,” he said.

Wanjira’s friends at the market have also called for speedy investigations into the matter urging the police to bring to book the culprits.

They said the deceased, a mother of four, was the sole bread winner for the family as her husband has had ill health for quite sometime.

“The police should hasten in doing the investigations because this act has instilled fear among the traders in this area” said one of her friends.

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