Debt Repayment to China.

Kenya is to repay its external debt of 500 billion a year. EU, WB & IMF have said they shall restructure their debt.

Is China restructuring it’s debt repayment for this year or are we to repay as usual?

China decided that it would become a super power. Wakaamua watatumia kifua na pesa, and leverage heavily on their big market.

Step 1:
If they can’t buy you, you have to trade your intellectual property to access their market. This strategy is used against developed nations like in EU and USA. They cannot bribe their way there, so they only allow companies to access the big Chinese market when they share the details of their intellectual property especially in tech etc.

Step 2:
Use debt for second and 3rd world countries. China knows there is no shortage of greedy government officials and Vumbistan is just one example. In 3rd world countries, they operate like shylocks. They will fund a white elephant, but their eyes are on the truly valuable asset (the port). Just like a shylock will lend a bonobo money but his real target is the car not the repayment…because he knows the car is more valuable. The strategy is simple. Throw government officials a big bone (wakule nyama peasants wakimeza mate). Once this is done, the officials will rubber stamp anything on the contract. So inside the contract you can state that you will also construct the white elephant at the 3rd world country’s cost, and run the white elephant for the first 10 years at the 3rd world countries cost. This is just an example.

So China is the bank, the contractor, and the operator of the white elephant…and the details of the contract implicating the government officials (walaji nyama) in economic crime against the state are declared a “national secret”.

If China continues with this approach, first world countries will start fighting back because they don’t like being pushed around. I have a strong feeling covid-19 is part of this mess. Someone wanted to frame China for creating the virus and they did a very good job at it. China has created a lot of enemies in the West through its strategies.

Mkiona mtu akiiba pesa ya dams tatu, sio mjinga. Anajua boss wake amelambishwa pesa nono sana na mchinku anasema hata yeye hawachwi nyuma sasa. Kufa dereva kufa makanga.

They have bigger things to worry about e.g how to resume their trillion dollar export market. One belt one road has also taken a serious setback. Their 5G business has also taken a beating. Will other countries want to buy their products or 5G infrastructure after this event? Only time will tell.

Don’t forget some big corporations might halt manufacturing in China altogether. ‘Made in China’ might need a serious rebrand.

Third world countries will. Their government officials are easy to bribe for anything.

We are done staying here. Anybody with a ticket to Jupiter?

Also in case of a dispute in the contract, the matter will be heard in a court of arbitration that sits in…CHINA

Chinese leeches are salivating after the ports and such put as securities by our imbecile despots

Japan has started paying companies to go back to Japan. @Azor Ahai is the west countries could lower the prices of their goods and flood the market. Chinese economy will crumble. Remember the whole world know Chinese goods are inferior. Interesting time to be alive.