Debt ceiling to be raised from 10T to 17 trillion

dollar itagonga 200 ina few days

:D:D:D:D we are finished…let them cut wage bill…da fuck do we need all those government reps for? Kenya ni kama state moja ya US and yet we have thousands of leaders most of who do nothing…huyo manager wa Super Metro apewe kenya a manage…I’ll be happy

Hii hesabu ni right kweli? 55% of our gdp ni ngapi. It should be 7 trillion. Siget mahali 17 imetoka.

Inflation Galore


117.19 USD Billion

GDP in Kenya is expected to reach 117.19 USD Billion by the end of 2023, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations. In the long-term, the Kenya GDP is projected to trend around 124.69 USD Billion in 2024 and 131.92 USD Billion in 2025, according to our econometric models.
does it mean
1180,000,000,000 ksh
so 55% of 1180 mimi napata 650trillion

kula kumni, weka sumni. work hard, live a plain simple life. kwenye dollar itafika, utakuwa tu sawa.

We are witnessing the end of money folks. Even in the US they are about to vote for debt ceiling increase. How long can this charade continue before crashing to the ground completely?? Watu jipange mapema.


Naona youtube pseudo intellectuals washafika hapa…

Larger pool of Money, chasing the same quantity of Commodities.

Pesa ya kuwin 2027 elections inatafutwa

…Public debt has had a significant negative effect on our GDP. Several factors are contributing to the expected increase in our GDP include looting, ongoing public infrastructure projects, strong public and private sector investment, appropriate economic and fiscal policies, a broad-based and diversified nature of the Kenyan economy
The agricultural sector is also a significant contributor to the Kenyan economy, i think accounting for approximately 33% of its GDP but i stand to be corrected.
However, Kenya still faces several development challenges such as poverty, inequality, youth unemployment, transparency and accountability, climate change.

if a country’s national debt is high, it can limit the value of its currency but if a country’s national debt is low, it will likely be favoured with an increase in currency value.

Japan? US?

the shilling loses value…

The US and Japan are examples of this…so sielewi mbona shilling igonge 200

if a country’s national debt is high…


You just copied something. The National debt of the US is high…so i wanted to get your understanding on how the shilling will go to 200.