Debate About Kenya Vs Tanzania, The Lie That Tanzania Feeds Kenya

You go to Arusha or Dodoma Supermarkets and you will see shelves full of Kenyan goods from powder soaps to shoe polish to sausages and Weetabix, Quencher juices etc.

On the other hand you go to Namanga or Tarakea boarder crossings and you will see TZ trucks coming into Kenya ferrying raw Agricultural products. Onions, Oranges, green maize.

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]TZ wako nyuma kiviwanda but wako sawa kilimo. They wish they could add value to their raw produce just like we wish we could do to coffee we export to Europe. Uganda is even worse. During 2008 PEV Uganda hawakuwa na soaps and cooking fat/oil since they source 90% of those from Kenya.

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Kenya & Ethiopia ndio USA ya East Africa

I would much rather a smaller economy that’s based on an economic activity that benefits the masses. Than a larger economy that only benefits the wealthy. If a man and a millipede with 200 legs are in the same room. The average number of legs in that house is 101. But we both know that the man only has 2 legs. There’s no point to having a big economy of 50 billionaires and 50 million paupers.

But many of these Kenya industries are mhindi or msungu owned.

As a non-native, i find this question racist

As a Kenyan from Kenya I used to think omo is a Kenyan product. Cadbury’s cocoa. Kiwi shoe shine. Pampers. Blueband. Vaseline petroleum jelly. Etc. Etc.

Some of these products, eg quencher juice could be Kenyan. True. But, next you visit one of those supermarkets try to note the prices of those commodities you think are from Kenya, then compare the prices with the prices in the Kenyan supermarkets once you come back!

It would help to know that almost all of the Kenyan factories that are owned by foreigners, read Britons, are also present in South Africa, and their footprint there is bigly huge than in Kenya. Nowadays Tanzanians prefer to import from South Africa where prices are unbelievably lower than in Kenya. Ndio sababu the Muggle Fool hutuonyesha kidole cha katikati!!!

Who asked you?

One lorry of processed goods is likely worth more than 10 lorries of cabbages and onions.
I would rather we keep exporting manufactured goods.


Can you please mention those products!?

Tanzania wine
I Love Tanzania

ASAS Tanzania

Tanga Fresh from Tanzania

I used to think BATA shoe company was Kenyan until I did a bit of digging…

Tz could have been ahead of kenya if it had an apartheid-like colonial government that made it easy for europeans/asians to own and operate means of production. Tz suffered sanctions due to socialism in its formative years. They also used meagre resources to fund liberation struggle in southern africa, and fought an expensive war to remove idi amin from uganda - without reasonable foreign assistance. They were played by Kenya during the division of EAC resources after collapse of the community in the late 70s. But Tanzania are in many ways better off than Kenya. psychologically, Kenyans still suffer some inferiority after-effects of colonialism. Is why our cops never really help raia but opresss them. In Tz uniformed cops and soldier use matatus with raia. They have a much larger military but you can find their chief of defence forces in a traffic jam - the army is a people’s army, ours is an occupying force. Tz Natural resources more than double KE’s, howver are unutilized. Community ownership of land unlike Kenya where a family can own thousands of idle acres. Not dominated by big tribes. Why would Kenya have three of its presidents from one tribe? why? Three presidents have given their tribe advantages that cannot be undone by a very bloody revolution. Talking of revolution, Tz does not need one. They are very stable politically and you can always bet on ccm, which provides a certain type of dictatorship that africans need. they are also big on public participation and it is not uncommon for residents to debate in a friendly way senior officals including presidents during barazas. Stability augurs well for investments. They are however very suspicious of investors and take time to let anyone touch their resources, unlike Kenya which would in a flash hand over eg coal and game parks with little consideration of benefits to locals. Someone will in time do the math and tell us by which year Tz will be advancing development loans and grants to Ke.

This is very true…Infact recently they have started construction of a Natural Gas pipeline from Tanga to Mombasa…interesting times ahead!!

TZ is a sleeping giant. And she has started coming out of her slumber!

Kenya should be very much worried. I fear people who are trying to catch kuliko mwenye ako leading.

The leading is always lethargic and before they realize washa pitwa!

Wakikujibu hili swala nistue


why are you even comparing the two… yenyewe bonobo ni bonob… if TZ fails , kenya will be affected , i wish you say positive sh*t abt TZ si kila siku you diarrhoea here like a fool…umesaidika aje sasa… meffi

Tz cops are animals especially if you are a Kenyan