Death of the computer desktop in Kenya.

Yesterday I was looking for a hdmi to dvi adapter in Rongai. I couldn’t find any. More importantly , I couldn’t find any shop that exclusively sells computer hardware. All electronics shops sell phones , accessories ,TV’s and other fake Chinese audio systems . Even shops that were primarily computer sale and repair have been converted to phone stalls. The only place I could get the adapter was in town , something I didn’t have to do a few years back. The only desktops I see used are in office type and cashier situations . The desktop has ceased to be a household item for a while now . I do understand the market change but as a long time desktop user it means that after a while the desktop will be a legacy item and every accessory will be much expensive and harder to find especially in rural areas.

Dedktops will not go away anytime soon, there are some areas where desktops rule

Really? Ever heard of gaming desktops? You think those are going anywhere?

Not many people out there using dvi so that is a dead stock item in many shops.

I am a gamer myself with a gtx 960…

The problems is the foreclosure of such shops

You had to use the hdmi port? Isn’t it easier to go from dvi port on card to dvi port on screen? For that all you need is a dvi cable which I am sure is easier and cheaper to get than an adapter.

You didn’t answer my question, do you see those gaming desktops going anywhere anytime soon?

No , but that’s a very small niche market . I’m sure all the computers worthy of the name “Gaming computer” aren’t more that 30,000 in the whole country . I am sure that such a similar number of phones is sold overall in the country every day. With the crazy markups from xgamertechnologies it only gets worse

Its for my laptop to connect to the screen . It only has 2 DVI ports, no Vga or hdmi

Kenya is a 3rd world country, even among laptops 2nd hand laptops rule the market.

Apart from gaming, desktops excel in other uses eg. modelling, video editing etc., industries that are nonexistent in Kenya.

The market of desktop computers will grow only when the industries that use them grow.

:pI see. So hata wewe una-game na kalaptop halafu unashangaa kwa nini hakuna towers na desktops. Heheheheeee…

Wengine wetu pantambua laptop. Card nzito nzito hazitoshei vizuri kwa laptop.

Haha zii . I have both desktop & laptop for portability but on e monitor

Desktops dying? I don’t think so. Remember it’s a desktop you can easily customize to your needs but laptops are somehow limited. Custom builds is the word.

Laptops killed desktop computers

You do not know what you`re saying.

Overclocking, multiple ssds and hdds, multiple graphics cards,… Name it… Desktop or laptop?

There was a time you could get almost any desktop hardware part in parklands, juzi I was there na hakuna duka ina deal na parts. It’s either laptops, console or phones

That is exactly what I am talking about.Even Jamia mall is increasingly facing out desktops in favor of smartphones , tablets and clothes. The same happened to luthuli.

Do you stock;
-4gb pc3 ram
-256gb sata 3 ssd
Specs and prices?