(Below, warning. pictures of slain teachers may be disturbing.)
Bodies of three teachers killed in Wajir North Eastern Kenya have flown into Nairobi this afternoon. The teachers (A couple) by name: Seth Oluoch Odada and his wife Caroline Oluoch lost their lives in line of duty.
The three a teacher and his wife also a teacher and a colleague also a PTA teacher in the same school were killed in cold blood. Teachers writing to us from NEP say they have evidence that locals know and shield the Alshaabab militants who killed the teachers. As I write this, “Nywele Ngumu Kafiri teachers” (that is how the locals call non Muslim teachers from down Kenya) have in solidarity downed their tools and are meeting local leaders and want out.
They are TSC teachers posted to work in the terrorist prone region of northern Kenya. They have no guns. No police escort, No police guards. Just mere teachers. Earning peanuts, paying taxes and union dues and waiting to die. Yes to die. Their religion, skin colour and texture of their hair make them easy targets. We need to stand in solidarity with our slain colleagues. It is time for we as teachers. Registered teachers to fight for our rights and LIVES. Get me right. The media is not highlighting the issue. Our politicians are silent. It is we teachers to show this nation that our lives matter.

Lala Salama walimu wapendwa.
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Having worked in the former north Eastern Kenya, bandits rarely kill teachers and doctors, since the local community value the impact of the two proffesions. There shall be local repercussions to the attacks, the culprits will be dealt with and even surrendered to the authorities.

May the family seek peace during these trying times .

POLICE NAME Maalim Yusuf Abdullahi, Daud Ahmed Mohamed and Abdirashid Ibrahim Osman as suspects who attacked and killed two teachers in Wajir.

What do the so-called local community gain from killing professionals who help their children? There’s something amiss.

So how were the suspects identified so fast? Speak from a point of knowledge and stop lumping a whole community by the actions of a few malcontents.

It will not be fair for them to seek justice in courts and set free on Bond. Let them face the same fate. I would tell the family of the slain to shoot in the the same way . I’ll start with toes , knees , balls , buttocks ,skip heart ,go to hands then shoulders . Finally rarua moja ya masikio . Summarize moja ya kichwa.sweet death.

Endelea kuji console hivyo but u know the truth…adios

Wariah wote wako io area wafanywe Wagalla styro. Hao walimu walikosea nani hili wapigwe risas. Hizi nguruwe zi hujua plans za kuuwa non-locals but hawaezi snitch ati juu ni “brothers” wao in religion. Na pia kama iko mwanasiasa ako nyuma ya hii maneno akule mbembe pia. shait

Punguza kuropokwa… Just coz what your medulla is telling you, doesn’t mean is the truth…

Ever read Dining with Terrorists? The book?

i at times really hate to see the word PEACE missused like tissue vile umefanya

very every sad,Kwanzaa I heard they took almost there hours to kill them:(

They were slaughtered.

True to what they say, “The law is an ass!”… If our laws were based on the maxim, “An eye for an eye,” like Sharia laws are…wakichinja tunachinja…hii upizi tungekuwa tuliisahau a long time ago!

Even if all are apprehended and convicted, those savages will never experience the harrowing pain that they inflicted upon their victims - and their families.

…And other savages will continue aping them in the future, because they know for SURE that no one will slaughter any their Somali relatives in Kisumu, Homa Bay or even in Eastleigh.

This doesn’t work, look at Iraq, vita btw. Shias and sunnis

So they aren’t alive anymore?

Sawa Justice Victor of the Kangaroo Court of Kenya.

I was angry…and I have the right to vent my anger…

The woman was butchered, your approach would be too soft, you should be talking of slowly dismembering them.