Death of Mainstream Media?

What does the future portend for the mainstream media such as the Television stations, radio stations and even newspaper industry? For me i am saying like they might end up getting buried because of the rise of social media such as Twitter,Facebook, Whatsapp,Tiktok, YouTube and others, blogging and whatever. Many people including me nowadays obtain news from social media from the videos recorded and information shared by the friends kwa ground. By the time the news are reported on mainstream media it is just mere confirmation and repetition of what i already know.

Mimi kwanza ata sina ya decorder ya kuwatch local stations. Watu wanaulizanga sasa ni nini unawatch kwa TV kama huoni news. Awajui niko pale facebook nikitegea latest news

True…even for me i hardly open TV. I normally get news from Twitter and Whatsapp platforms

Sina aerial banae…

Kenyan media is dead. Mimi news ni kwa twitter. Sina time kuangalia fake nyuus.

Mainstream media is not going anywhere. It’s just the medium to communicate has changed. No need for newspaper nowadays.

However, there is still demand for online news article that gives in-depth analysis of a situation.
If you look at New York Times website, they have a lot of paying subscribers that read their latest news articles online.

The ones that have taken the biggest hit are music channels and music shows. Others? Not so much.

We will still have documentaries and quality TV shows on mainstream media.

It’s very difficult to replicate the production quality of some documentaries or tv shows that appear on mainstream channels such as Nat Geo and HBO on social media.

Even in Kenya, a lot of Kenyans switch to mainstream media to watch political debates or interviews. Like Ruto interview on NTV or Raila interview on Citizen.

Don’t you think there is a possibility that those documentaries might end up being overtaken by zealous and passionate guys who will produce their own and have them shared on their YouTube channels. The same case with political debates do you not see them ending up in specific YouTube and Facebook live channels controlled by personalities in the near future.

Mainstream media ni ya watu wa ocha,heard someone before curfew started akisema anataka kuonea home News ya saa tatu.

Kenya mainstream media grew because it was the only means of entertainment in the old day. VCR,dvd na TV was for the rich. The main media house were against digital migration since their knew their goose was cooked. During the olden days their were the admins lakini after more channels were added we wrestled the remote from them. Saa hii we see what we want. The former days they gave us what their wanted them for us to see.
Na bado data ikishuka hizo vibanda zitafungwa.

No, it won’t happen. Youtubers don’t have that kind of money to compete and make a documentary that would cost them millions of dollars in production.

A Youtuber can’t make a good tv show like Game of Thrones or Chernobyl that did cost at least 10 million dollars per episode.

Or something like Top Gear on BBC where they can destroy more than a dozen brand new cars during production.

Even the hottest documentary right now “The Last Dance” has been produced by ESPN; a mainstream sports channel.

Locally, we still have a lot of Kenyans watching vernacular tv stations because of the content.

mainstream media is going nowhere…they are the sources of credible and verified news…even the most developed countries where internet is not a problem mainstream media calls the shots over social media…in the UK BBC, Sky news, the Guardian are still popular, in the US the likes of CNN, Fox news, NYT, Washington post etc still call the shots…in Kenya there is no doubt Citizen TV and KTN have very big following

Why do you sound like someone who is doing an online survey, chini ya maji? Sounds like a leading question.

I can’t believe what you’ve just said here
ati most credible news ni gani ???
which hole have you been hiding in?

Social media has concerning issues with fake news. The only source of getting verified information from reliable sources is through the mainstream media. A good example is during this covid19 crisis. All sources of fake news arose from social media. It still has a long way to go. It is a great source of entertainment, nothing more than that.

the most credible news comes from independent media not mainstream media for the simple reason that they do not have to follow a predetermined narrative

U r living in a lie if u believe in social media news. Most news in social media are fake news, inflammatory, and unverified. I only trust social media news if they are posted by a mainstream media house

I do not rely on social media
i believe in something called
“Independent media”

ever heard of them ?

mainstream media is distorted and strive to pass on a predetermined agenda

True, independent media provides credible information without the bias that’s held by the mainstream media.

Social media thrives on rumours, unverified information just to please and attract followers. Mainstream media has its share of challenges too but are more authentic, …but depends on the kind of information.