Death n life

Today I attended my Uncles burial in gatundu … m older than the uncle …he was born in 1992…

He had married n had 3 kids…he was a family man with a well paying job a 5 figure salary… had built this big mansion n had big plans for life…

Last week he n his pals at work after few drinks decided to go cool off on diani beach …n that’s where the angel of death struck …the waves didn’t spare him he was pronounced dead upon rescue… it got me thinking what’s life ? What’s our purpose in life ?
Should we live for the moment we still breathing ?
It even got me asking lots n lots of question as I paid my last respect pale ku morgue viewing pay … seeing his face for the last time … not sure how people will view me n talk of my impact in this world…

Hii 5 figure salary hua ngapi hivi wadau?


Sincerest condolences.

Pole kizee

Ikifika siku, imefika.

I always look at the…
Life is very short and it has no formula. Lesson learnt: Do what the fuck makes you happy. Today you are here and tomorrow you are dead.

But if you want to stay alive dont go swimming in the ocean while drunk especially if you dont know how to swim.

Or visit someone who stays on the 5th floor of a building kule kasarani ama Roysambu

Do you know how to swim?

Alcohol impairs judgement. Extreme excitement in unpopular environment kills.
Learn to listen to wenyejis.

…go read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck and Enjoy life without giving a Fuck!

Hata 20,000/= yenye @uwesmake hulipwa kwift ni 5 figure salary

You mean that stupid bukusu watchman? The one who used to dream to oen an X5?