Death by train-ngori image

Nimetoa kama chozi.[ATTACH=full]162225[/ATTACH]



Is he clapping to congratulate himself on a poor job…angewekelea shingo.

Wueh…extra ngori vindio

The guy must in so much pain… given that the brain and heart have not been maimed. so sad!


Was it an attempted suicide?

holy shit

Damn! But how now?

looks like anajaribu kusimama…

This is why I read comments first before downloading. I will pass.


he will bleed to death but its painfull


mwanaume ni kujikaza.You will learn a thing or two why prayer is important every minute.

This is what i tell God.“Lord if i don’t make It the next minute save a place for me in heaven”

Jesus christ:eek::eek::eek:

damn. How do I unsee this

Yaani some people fall off their beds and die on the spot na huyu amekatwa mata mbili na bado ako uhai :eek::eek: