Death by Firing Squad

First off, I am not well travelled …been only to Uganda
But some peculiar habits on here have me ashamed sharing nationalities with some people

Death by Firing squad to all ye that walk around with tablets as a primary phone

Ndinakunyita V.E

how do you answer a call with that thing though

hau nīwaria mã, mūndu mùgima akòya thímu igana karai,ukarigwo kaê arenda gukuhuthìa?? màtige wana,

Most who use it that way think its size amplifies the voice of the person on the other side, or it can listen in on imaginary aliens hiding in space.

Sasa hapo kukusaidia ni ngumu

Vile tutafanya, twende tuchome ile shule ya D.E.B ulisomea

Uniform ya red


Everyone has something he derives most from a handheld device all depending on the business they do.