Dear Sonko: What I Want In Nairobi!

The NTSA ban on night travel has been tough. At Machakos Country Bus it a sad sight seeing mothers and children sleeping under buses and exposed to the elements and dangers of the night. This area is in very bad shape and needs to be upgraded… Through a PPP the Governor should team up with an investor and put up SGR quality modern bus terminals and a modern market area be built along with a hotel.

Current Images of the Bus Park

What It Needs To Look Like.

With an outdoor shopping area for travelers and tents to accommodate licensed vendors,
Also, the investor could build a capsule hotel and charge guests 100 to 250shs to relax

Nairobi urgently needs this and with it getting built would solve a ton of issues. Like accidents from unproper vehicles, more tax collection, improvement of the city and the area. etc.


I also want that the entire Nairobi river is cordoned off and anyone caught dumping illegal goods and trash in the river will be heavily fined and sued.

Also, businesses and homes etc. close to the river banks will be forced to pay more tax in maintaining the river. This measure would force property owners and businesses to ensure that they keep the river area clean. If the River is clean fewer taxes will be paid and if its dirty all will be taxed more.


The best advice so far this year, lakini, the rich in Kenya dont use public transport, to make it as posh as that.
Hawa watu are frying all over the place. Airports and Airstrips is what we are prioritizing at the moment.


what nairobi lacks ni proper planning

You elected a chokora as your Governor, what do you expect?


By mid 70’s, Nairobi was planned to international standards, then came land grabbing, and we ended up where we are.
JICA replanned Nairobi county, and the Blueprints were handled to Governor Evans Kidero and he did what Kenyans do best. Sijui kama Sonko ata implement hiyo plan.

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It’s a nice plan implementation is the problem

Under Michuki watch, Nairobi river was cleaned, and the ecosystem of the river was coming back.
Lawyers in the house, is it possible for Counties down stream of Nairobi river, to sue Nairobi county for polluting the river.


Michuki cleaned that River

lakini Jubilee ni useless sanaa wali front Sonko wakilia ati oooooohh hatuwezi rule bila Nairobi , i voted for Baba and Sonko . sasa Ruto amepewa Nairobi its worse than before hakuna basics kama maji saa hii 4 months which Kidero gave us 24/7 . afadhali Kidero ange petition hii umbwa .


Sonko petition was struck out jana ama juzi.

Kidero did not petition directly , jamaa fala sana angelisha watu 200 million kshs turudi by election ningempea kura

Chokoraa ni chokoraa tu

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Eveen with 200 million, sioni any judge akiitikia hiyo story ya nullification.

Labda Jana ,juzi ilikuwa inaendelea

Nice but your dreams are not valid

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People who were busy talking about how dirty Joho’s Mombasa cownty is are really quiet lately.

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On the 9th


Mombasa it’s dirty and people there are already dying from cholera. Nobody has died from cholera in Nairobi.

Sonko is totally lost. It’s painful to watch him taking of what he plans to do because every he doesn’t believe his statements.


Well, it’s just a matter of time.