Dear Programmers , You will not become a billionaire - Harsh Truths PART 1

you guy my guy I know a software engineer who gets a salo of 400k per month you guy my guy software developers interns should not get anything below 200k.

you guy my guy this app of mine will change the way people drink milk. Once installed on the phone, a user can now imbibe milk through the elbows then you guy my guy I will become the next bill gates.

First of all, let me make one thing clear. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with becoming a developer/coder/engineer or whatever they call themselves these days I prefer ‘‘programmer’’ 'but i digress. I’ve noticed there is major ‘‘get rich quick’’ attraction in this field

Now let me debunk a few common myths… forgive my engrich

1. Programmers are very few - Its true, extremely talented programmers are few but like all fields average will do. The low barrier of entry has made it possible for anyone with a laptop, interest and some time to do it heck with languages like python even kids are doing it. si lazima ukuwe na ndigiri ya IT ndio upate kasi

This is a food science graduate one of the best programmers I’ve met:

2. Just create an mTako and you will become rich- you might as long as :

  -   You have a fully working app, Professionally designed AND coded. Not Kindergarten demos/skeletons
  -   Show income and potential income to guarantee Return on investment (like any business you need investors/bank loans to scale it)
  -  I Repeat Self-sustaining in terms of a solid revenue stream.
  -   Usable daily and consistently to become a part of the user’s life.

The rest is noise and a waste of time and electricity. Afadhali uone ngwati.

3.You don’t need to be employed you can do ‘online jobs’- Yes sio lazima uajiriwe but there is huge difference between working on small skeletons for fun and working for clients on a tight schedule. My frens unless you’re modifying web templates you cannot do it alone need a team of specialists [database, gui, network programmers etc ] that is how the Indians do it[and they are very good - they get the job done!]. If you cannot find a team or work in one tafuta kazi ya serikali and get a guaranteed salary every month usijiumize bure

part 2 to be continued

Akanyal crick. Always the empty debes making the loudest noise.

kijana mjuaji the truth hurts, bado ung’ang’ana na functions hoping to becoming the the next mark zuckerbaga tafuta kazi ya serikali angalau uhame kwenyu wacha kusumbua mamako na ndoto hazieleweki.

What is there to crick?

Huyu ni ule @miritiandes alikuwa na avatar light skin bado,the way of thinking is similar

yes rasta

@administrator changia mjadala

Alikuwa ameweka link to his shitty blog post. Ametoa lakini.

Kuna learning curve ya 10 years where you will be broke/brokish. If you survive hiyo phase then being a dollar millionaire is almost certain.

The guy who created Python is worth 12 million dollars. I thought he would be a billionaire.

Yet, there are people who have used Python and became richer than him.

Yes there are rich programmers but very few. there are also hundreds of thousands of programmers out there who are not rich. people in tech think they are special and immune to the laws of economics.

Hawa watu wanaongea matope hapa are dreamers and wannabes


Hio ni hit and miss its not a guarantee best case scenario you will get a good job if you dont have business skills. In the meanwhile ambia hawa vijana wadogo watafute kazi stable wahame nyumbani wawache kusumbua wazazi ati hao ndio the next bill gates

Yep nilikua naplan kufanya some zoom classes on my free time but nikaona vile programmers have flooded the market and most of them wamesomea youtube or some app

Sad but true to make matters worse job openings are rarer utabaki unangangana kutengeneza apps…unaweza kafunga if you are a game developer still not a guarantee.Kuna jamaa najua he sells softwares to high schools which isnt bad but sidhani thats what he had planned.

For any aspiring programmer out there, kindly do not give in to this cold water pouring nonsense. You are not guaranteed to be the next Bill Gates or Zuckerberger, but you are assured that you will have a decent income every month, good enough for you to live comfortably for the rest of your lives. It’ll take a lifetime before this industry gets disrupted.

si mbaya kusoma lakini ukifanya na end goal ya kuwa birionea or getting alot of money in employment you will die of depression you will even be lucky of you get a job paying 50 sousands in KE na most of the time sales manager will earn more than you. These are young idealistic men most of them hata basics za language hawana wameona The Social Network and pirates of silicon valley wanadhani ni real life, ole wao patel ndio kusema.

I know of a few graduates yet to be employed living in their mothers houses waiting for their big break hawataki kufanya kazi ingine kama accounting etc

Kipii Jimit after you doxxed yourself uko hapa unajiita @Oti The Gargantuan. Anyway make sure umetumia mzee pesa awache kuuza mkundu ndo apate samaki.

I kinda got used to thia you know. Some nobody douche always coming at me. Bra, you ain’t worthy my attention and energy.

Anybody with decent coding skills and still at his mama’s house waiting for a breakthrough deserves whatever they are going through. My homeboy a 21 year old dude did some Js, now every month he gets 170k from some Slovakian company. Wacha kutishia watu apa wewe

Job openings ni mingi sana. A LOT!!! If you’re a good programmer, utakuwa ukitafutwa na recruiters kila wakati mpaka ukuwe overwhelmed.

Don’t limit yourself to jobs offered by Kenyan companies.

Very true and it applies to all fields…you have to stand out. I keep preaching about furthering ones education because I know it gives one an obvious edge. I have three friends who are very good in IT…two are faculty members in reputable universities in the US and Canada after earning PhDs in IT…in addition to lecturing they also have contracts with big global tech firms where their earnings are similar to what global sports stars earn…am talking about ferrari driving fellows. Another friend and neighbour of mine is making slightly less than 1m a month here in Kenya…he could make much more out there but he doesn’t want to relocate before he gets to 40. last week he got a call from a well known global firm requesting him to assemble a team of 10 and work on some project where i believe they are going to make good money. These guys scored As in early 2000s and went on to study to the highest levels possible. One is now a prominent figure in artificial intelligence and another one has done some ground breaking work in both physics and IT. Ask any starehe, mang’u, sunshine, alliance or even kabarak guys from late 90s to early 2000s and they will tell you they know a number of their former schoolmates who have made a name for themselves in the world of programming…these three were all my schoolmates in early 2000s…
I believe one has to be patient as you perfect your craft…you must first become very good at what you do after which money will follow you sio hizi vitu zenye wakenya tunapenda shortcuts