Dear Mr. Trump, This is not what greatness looks like. 5M and counting

The world’s letter to Trump. Sign it if you feel it.

Stupid initiative that is full of propaganda. Even the choice of picture they use of Trump is just meant to make him look bad.

The ones signing it are bigots who have not yet accepted America’s choice for their president.


You just called 5.1 million people you have never met ‘bigots’ based solely on your undying love for Trump. How do you [SIZE=5][B]define a bigot[/B][/SIZE]?


Accept and move on


Isn’t it their right to accept the choice of not?


He is not our president, he is the American president. Tell the US to write their own letter. In the meantime:




hawa Avaaz ni ujinga tupu wako nayo… just a bunch of keyboard activists.
Can you give an examples of a campaign that they succeeded in


We have enough problems of our own without bothering about Americans (who have better and working systems) are raving and ranting about.

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Just 5.1 million people? Trump was voted in by a lot more people than that. A bigot is one who does not accept other peoples opinions. There is nothing new he is doing now that was not mentioned during his campaigns.

And out if the 5.1 million people…how many of them are Americans?

Trump was voted in democratically. And i am sure there are ways to oppose his decisions in America. Its the owners of this particular propaganda ndio wako na issues. Just look at the picture they have chosen to use. Its supposed to incline your feelings to dislike the man even before you read what the article is all about, so that as you read it you already have a bad mental picture


Stupidity of the highest order. Let America mind their own business while we mind ours.

Thank you!

Then the ones signing that letter should accept the opinion that Americans felt that he was fit for presidency :slight_smile: