Dear men…

Dear men…
A woman who is not willing to cost share life with her husband in the name of a man should provide, is nothing more than a marital prostitute pretending to be a wife. Men, beware so much of such women who insist men should be the sole providers in the family, or a woman who just saves her money as you spend yours, or a woman who has secret bank accounts. Such a woman is very dangerous and may even divorce you deliberately once her accounts are well stuffed, or worse may even kill you in order to benefit from your wealth.
Those are the types of women who will not spend their money on their family or husbands only to spend it on a playboy who screws her as his sugar mummy.
Avoid marital prostitutes.


That’s why people date before getting married.

Kwani ulipata bibi akigwarwa na vijana? Pole boss.


Hata kama women should share with men mimi i believe that: a man should furnish the house, buy electronics for the house, fridge, buy the house/payrent. A lady should only buy clads for thw kids na zako and buy cuttlery n utensil oh na pia curtains za nyumba. Imagine mmekosana na wife halafu abebe viti, tv, fridge arudi nazo kwao? (wanawake hucatch feelings sana so hii possibility ni high sana) you get me? Now if ulibuy hizo vitu halafu bibi akanunua tu Vijiko na vikombe halafu mkosane hata ataibika kubeba hizo atakuachia tu roho safi. Ama ati bibi ndio mwenye nyumba mkosane atakufuka na hasira za Queen Mary 1 wa bloody Mary folklore.


Men worshipping socialites (who make money on their backs) in the name of ‘team mafisi’ breeds such women…but then again the bible says men should provide!!..

I totally agree. A woman should be very much involved in building a home. Problem is women are too liberal nowadays to an extent they are taking over men’s responsibilities. Alpha males are on extinction.


quote the verse please…

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wealth na assets weka in your mothers name

Hiyo achia Purr! But many women in this generation are of the idea that men should provide…a message from the masters of prosperity Gospel !

Alpha males are not in extinction. The parameters which defined men have somehow remained the same while the environment has undergone a drastic shift. Thanks to medical advances, more males are reaching maturity thus increasing the ratio at which each has to compete with others for resources. Also to be accounted for is the new economic force that is women. So apart from competing with other men, they have to fight for positions with women. There is also the rise of the Sponsors, who are economically established ageing men that are shifting the perception of how a man should be providing forgetting that these breed has gone through their grace period which young men are currently struggling in… e.t.c…e.t.c.

It is all about perception!


starts rant with [SIZE=6]dear men [/SIZE]
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1 Timothy 5:8, 1 cotinthians 11:3
for women proverbs 31

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I agree with you 100% kwani hii equality hua wafight for Inamaana gani?

Kuna vile wakubeba vitu atabeba regardless kama u bot them or she did. kwanza kama uko job. Some even wash nyumba after kubeba kila kitu.

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It doesn’t matter dear. A man gotta try all options to ensure that his family is fed. If I happen to earn more than him, then I would not hesitate to provide as much as I can atleast to cover him.

Advice my dear sis - Dont sit and wait for a man to provide. Men in the end get tired, and I mean very, providing to a woman.

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That is the point! The limits have been stretched to breaking point… the options exist only as mirages.

If women want ‘gender equality’ they should pee while standing. But a helping hand will not go unappreciated.

I spoke of other women, the "modern " woman!!, who sure as hell ain’t me!

Wanaweza ata zaa tutoto tuingine na MWK watulee, alafu wakidedi tutoi tunakuja ati huyu ni mamangu pia…