Dear Kenyans, Do not assimilate these cretins into our society

I have just watched in utter horror what these Chinese are up to at the SGR outstations. These squinting freaks are literally skinning our dogs alive and making a meal out of them. We, as a country, have been socialized the western way, dogs are our favorite pets. I personally get hurt more when ill/harm is done on a canine than a human (sue me). They should adapt to our ways. I doubt you will find anywhere in America where the Chinese will blatantly turn America’s favorite pet into lunch.
They believe Rhino horn will magnify their micro-phalluses, Elephant tusks give them virility…wtf.
I would support xenophobic tendencies against this subpar breed of humans.

Accept and move on they said…

Na hakuna picha??

the chinese are 2 billion hiyo chakula unataka watoe wapi yote wacha wakule hizo nyoka zao . about the killing of Rhinos and Elephants our govts should be blamed 80% from fuckking up the economy to aiding corruption .

So you adore people who enslaved your kin for hundreds of years and later humiliated you through colonisation not mentioning taking away your land and resources, but you loathe a people who have drastically changed your infrastructure but have never enslaved you neither colonized you? Just because they eat dogs? You need redemption!

The horse has left the barn already. Ukitaka kuona ndovu utakuwa unaenda india.

@SledgeHammer here are your friends

canine sio nyoka uncle

So the scramble for resources in the guise of development is what I should be hailing instead? The chinese are the new colonial masters for you and your future and current kin…they will soon take away your land, prized resources and bring their savage way of life to this land. At least mzungu ana staarabu yake, and thats why they easily gel and assimilate with locals. These others you’re hailing, will be a hard sell. You need emancipation.

I cannot post it. It had me seething.

If you still have it weka hapa

ndio hio hapo …SMH
Ona hiyo thread uone waki dismember the dog for the meal.

The indian elephant is tiny and is a different animal altogether. African bush elephant is the real thing. I dont know much a bout the african forest elephant, but i know its a different animal.

Pole sana.

Mouraythee the conman,conman per excellence,conman extraordinaire umerudi kutuhaingaisha tena?

Enough evidence that a typical African cannot think to save his life. Basement level IQ. Hio development utailipia, watoti wako walipie na wajukuu pia lakini deni haitaisha.

Nothing is for free in our world. Including the food you eat and the water you drink!

These are the ones who are being sent to our estates to steal our canines just to appease the new colonial masters. They hate your black behind in the first place. Just be around them and watch how they sneer at you mere sight…but hey, they got the stamp of approval from the thieving duo at the helm so I think it should trickle down.

Sawa. Part your butt cheeks for them and tell us whether the rhino horn is potent or not. Turd

Why go this low? I am not a gay like you!