Dear elders Adrenochrome mnajua ni nini

[SPOILER=“Graphic content. Wadau kwani zile story za toto Kwa toto were real?! #adrenochrome”][/SPOILER]

If this is truly what celebs , billionaires and other elites do in their mansions, then heri kufa maskini.

Being a conspiracy theorist, Kuna this hashtag nimekua nikichambua on twitter. Maan this world has some evil mofos disguised as do-gooders. Wadau keep an eye on your kids always ni kubaya.


Look for any reference of a football in movies/cartoons.

There was rumors that a similar institution was being or is bein run in Ukraine

True, unfortunately it was reported by the Russians so it was dismissed as war propaganda. There are videos of the soldiers in tears walking around the ‘children farms’ , seems they were used for organ harvesting and for medical trials.

Just wow. I remember when the story of what the Russians discovered in those American biolabs came out MSM waliikanyagia sana, kisha u remember the Hunter Biden scandals all tied to Ukraine…

Could this be the real reason western elites wako soo dogmatic about Ukraine winning this conflict ndio all their dirty laundry isianikwe? No wonder wanaita hiyo country the most corrupted in Europe, it’s a cesspit

Yea, I saw that, it ain’t a rumour, it was downplayed since it was from Russia sources. Also keen on how Ukraine ‘did’ more Jews than Germans did, really weird world of misinformation

You wonder why “celebs” don’t age… well that’s the answer. We are already living in hell …

Bana movie times will never be the same again… even my Leonardo DiCaprio my favourite actor same like all those Hollywood A Listers is in on it

Some of them have confessed on air…some subtly, but it is out there.


Noma. Kama hio ndio price they pay for fame I would rather be a pauper.

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thanks brother. WWG1WGA