dear boy children

if there is unsolicited advice i will give, it will be that:


some pathetic, stomach wrenching threads about stalking kungurus to prove cheating have revealed the density of pansies that litter kenya talk.

“if i suspect anything, i leave”

since when did men become suspicious? is it about a generation of skinny jeans and metrosexuality that has resulted in this pussification of men??

fellows, when the tank is full, take yourself to town with 200 bob and get laid.

concentrate on that law degree. stop wasting precious time chatting up women.

your 20s should be about a high education with sporadic changaa breaks with the boyz.

go to town. buy kuma. enjoy your peace.

mambo ya texting and waiting ni upuzi.
shame on you all.

You are a boy. Boys do not talk where men are. You will also leave that idealist age. We were there with those idealism(some of us about 20 years ago). Do you have a wife? We start from there.

karl, are you having wife problems?

Kupipi anatafunwa na fisi flani

To some extent I agree with him, boy child should focus no masomo kwanza, hii upus mtu huanza akiwa 30yrs, when loaded and where u can take anyone u wish coz u are loaded

Your choice is limited to bimbos when you are loaded. Boy child should be an all rounded human being an intellectually.

Niaye wanker-thambi?

That’s a loaded question, proceed with caution.

You must be living at the north pole if bimbo still exists in your world.:smiley:

Leta hekaya with illustrations and sketches where possible.

Freedom of choice my fren, you must be headed north pole yourself.