Deals poa for peasants pale jumia



power bank for 100 Bob…

lazima utumie app. nimejaribu na site ikakataa

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Tumia chrome browser… Just ordered mine [ATTACH=full]96017[/ATTACH]


ficha hiyo order number vizuri ama nikumulike


hiyo tecno j8 inakaa safi

Sio kwa ubaya, but peasants watakamuliwa hapo. I’ve warned you early enough.


There’s always an uproar from customers after such “deals” are done. In fact, the number of complaints about Jumia even when there are no deals has risen significantly in the recent past.

kumaanisha these things dont last? ama zina mashida?

Something like that. I can only trust deals from major outlets with physical customer care points like saf and airtel. Maybe orange. Jumia, not so much.

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Sigwes na sigwes nunua vitu online…especially when the deal turns to be good. Selling a power bank at 100, surely? Wao wenyewe wamebai 100?
My friend bought a certain infinix for 9k, na tao ilikuwa inauzwa 15k. Camera specs is 20mega pixel. Lakini bisha zenyewe na pin hole camera akuna tofauti. You are texting and a uber advert pops up from nowhere.

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Jumia products are faulty, fake, or refurbished.

I have always bought my phones and some electrical appliances from Jumia and so far I have not had a bad experience with them.

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same here have used them for some items, so far no disappointment.

I’ve had no problems with jumia too… Bought a wireless mouse, usb cable and even hand held blender. Their customer care is nice and their return policy is even better.

Jumia is not at fault here wao huwa just intermediaries. The thing is when your dealing with new products from new/unheared off companies these are some of the challenges you will face. For instance jumia is the exclusive supplier of infinix phones here in kenya, kuna watu wengi sana wako na infinix and they work just fine, problem is kuna cartel inside jumia, workers doing their own side businesses. unapata some guys hao ndio wanaprovide market for stolen goods alafu wanazibrand as new, they do this to mainly deliveries not near nairobi. On the other hand business model ya jumia ni kuoffer the best prices so hutu tusmall companies have taken advantage of that, hii iko na, disadvantages zake in that for them to keep costs low they do not do serious research, use expensive materials, keep safety to the bare minimum etc na hio itaeffect the longevity of their products. But for sure online is the way to go from last year i have never bought any electronics from physical shops na i have no regrets. Movie shops pia zitaisha(i talk to much)