Dealing with family is so hard, no matter how you try. Always separate business and family

hakuendangi hivo.

Err…my experience is different. There is no one I would rather handle my business than my own bros.

I know, it’s not easy but sometimes it’s necessary.

There is no difficult person to question than blood. We are not saying that relations are bad but why not be professional and avoid awkward situation/ conversation (s).

Si unawachana tu na yeye. he will come around later umchapie siasa ya kumshow huna uwezo ya kusaidia.

Mi husaidiana sana na mabros lakini sidhani naeza watrust na business simply because we are not in a position to demand things from each other.

How do Indians hack it then? Amostl their business dealings are in-house.

And warias as well… Sisi nyeuthis tukona shida kiasi…

Ngoja ile siku wataoa, and with the passage of time. Slowly mabibi zao wataanza porojo, pettiness na “one-up” competitions. Wanawake ndio uharibu kila kitu.

Maybe it’s a numbers game. If you have several relatives providing an identical product/services, at least one of them will be above board and they’ll likely be known for that in the family.

Indians and Warias have committees that settle all disputes. Hao wakiamua kesi closed, lazima utii. So hii ukora na matharau ya relatives hamna.

Kila mtu akijua kazi yake na ajitolee vilivyo kufanya, bila upuzi mob, kusumbuana mingi na bila kungojea uambiwe kitu, then you can do business with anyone, even family.
However, in the case of indiscipline, laziness, greed, disrespect na kadhalika hapo ndio watu hukosana.
Family is the best to do business with especially since trust is already established. Lakini no family is spared shady characters. Na hapo ndio shida huanzia. It’s more of character than blood. All the best.

It depends on how you handle them

Hizo one up ni gani?

The downside to hio system ya waindi is your business decisions like hiring and sourcing suppliers are heavily influenced by family, meaning hauna autonomy.

I hope you’re aware why Bookpoint was closed.

The problem with doing business with family is that politics is thrown into the equation. Families tend to split into camps (just look at the inheritance cases in court of prominent kenyans like the Karumes etc) and tend to back-bite or bad-mouth each other. In this case of you hiring your bro kumsaidia, maybe he thought you are just trying to show that you have made it and he hasnt etc so you may also find jealousies could come into play. For me, I have learnt to keep family at family functions and such stuff. Lakini biashara… hapana. Dont even tell them what you are doing specifically (i.e. your client list etc). They should just know you are an engineer or atrchitect etc na inaisha hapo. If a family member is in trouble, then contribute some money towards that as everyone else in the family will do, but usiwaleta kwa your biashara.

mimi wanted 6 barnners for advert show ground so nikapea my friend ndio anukishe kitungu,
l had already done the art work kazi yake ni kuprint na kubuy barnner roll stand anitumiye kazi
l paid tu bei ya other clients sikubargain
jamaa alinizungusha…hadi siku ya show ikafika bila products
l had to work with flyers
simu yangu ikafika point hashiki
show ilikuwa august saa hii tuko oct na boy alizima kabisa, ni jirani ocha, nilikuwa nimeplania beating lakini nimesare juu ya respect ya mama yake… lakini ubeste na kazi noma sana
urafiki ilipotea juu ya pesa kidogo