Dealing with family is so hard, no matter how you try. Always separate business and family

I engaged a close relative in a certain business deal. Ni lawyer and just to make things straight nikamwambia ani charge full professional fees, no family discount or anything. I thought I was helping, kumbe. Anyway the dude at some point stopped answering all my calls. Akaanza kuwa rude and generally not telling me of any progress. The harder I pushed the worse it became. Worst part is I am very sure haezi treat other clients like that, ni mimi tu. Anyway after almost 8 months of silence, I have sworn never to get involved with family again. I know other lawyers are not angels but still, family don’t respect you. Going forward nita separate biz from family.

You are late.

Finally ulimwambia " @nimechoka !"?

You live and you learn.

Inakaa upande wenu wa family ndio ulipata a bigger inheritance.

ule jamaa uncle yake alipeleka matatu yake maraundi Mombasa alikua nani…

Some lawyers are sleek fraudster and seems your cousin falls in this category . Maybe you proposed something that was out of his league .

:D:D:D:D:D:D i remember this story:D:D:D:D

Lesson learnt , sometimes this year I embarked on some pigsty construction and we agreed na wife that we will promote my two brothers .One to do the doors and windows na mwingine to do electrical work.
One door and 4 windows were so poorly done we had to engage another person to have fresh sets fabricated.Strange thing is that he does good fabrication Kwa other customers.The poor workmanship ilifanya akose kazi ya gate and any other job from us in the near future.
We never pushed for a discount .

Ungetuambia how you empathize with the holoi poloi wa kawaida kwa kujiuliza, ikiwa mimi ni relative na ninamlipa na hii ndiyo service anayonipatia, how worse does he treat clients wa kawaida?

usijali…binadamu ni yule yule hatakama ni mathe yako

Rule of thumb NEVER do business with family or friends. Just don’t. No matter what my fren just DON’T. Next on the list is of all people a lawyer. These f.ucks don’t care what you did. Heck at a fee they will ensure you are safi kama pamba even if you butchered your family its all good. They have no soul.

Comparison between family and business should be like marriage and infidelity . The two should never mix

How did the two react when you contracted other fundis?

Methinks there is more between the two of you…can’t tell what I think coz I know not what perspective your lawyer relative has on this deal and your family history…
Stop being indignant… You know,he could telling his buddies the same shiet you busy spreading here: that he will never,ever ever do biz with family…


I can almost bet they were annoyed/angry. Worst part is when they mess you then act like they are the victims.

The one who does electrical work infact was the one who spotted many issues and couldn’t understand why the workmanship was so poor while we had paid the full amount as any other customer would. Anyway as for the fabricator I had chased him a couple of times at the end of August to fix a list of problems as noted but nikaona anajikokota always having excuses not to come for almost one month . He is not aware that I changed the windows and the door.Hata kuongea nayeye imekuwa ngumu bearing in mind that we spent almost 50k extra to redo the items plus the mason work charges and paint work.
Hata gauge ya tube that was used on the new door is quite heavy and no deformities whatsoever.

Plays victim , but nikimwambia that it’s way below my expectations anaona ni kama sina heshima Kwanza akikumbuka Mimi ndio last born.

Cut links kabisa hata kwako mwambie asikuje. Just meet in the family home when there are important events only.