Deadpool 2 Testing Very Poorly

There may be a bit of trouble brewing on the horizon for Deadpool 2 after an early test screening was met with mostly negative reactions from a hand-picked audience, taking 20th Century Fox completely by surprise and instilling concerns among fans.

They are now doing reshoots with just over a month to the release date. Would be a shame if Fox ruins practically the only R rated superhero franchise.

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kwani walipatia watotot to watch or they gave DC fans?

Write your fûcken reply… Maybe DC walilipa hawa previewers or maybe ni fake news kutoka kwa wadosi wa deadpool ndio waseme “brathe! Tulireshoot hii kitu 1 month to release na bado ni kali! Nani kama sisi!”

I expect it to be good but not as good as the first one. They either come up with something new and piss some fans off or maintain the madness of the first but turn it it up… and still piss some fans off because, well, we’ve seen it before. They set the bar too high.

Halafu let DC be – hii ni story ya 20th Century Fox/Marvel.

Time Warner might be selling DC; I hope a company like Sony buys it so we see movies similar to previous Spidermans. Nightmare ni ati Disney inunue DC… might be good for omniverse movies but nothing else.

Not fake news: Josh Brolin Confirms Deadpool 2 Reshoots As Test Screenings Reportedly Go Poorly | Cinemablend

But obviously it wont be as disastrous as Justice League. In justice league WB gave Whedon a budget of 150m for reshoots. That’s basically redoing the entire movie --tone changed, the ending changed, etc. Ya Deadpool ni just changing bits after audience feedback.

With all these superhero movie trends going on and many studios trying to imitate the success of Marvel it would be a very stupid decision from WB to sell the only worthy competitors for Marvel, especially to the likes of Disney hiyo ni kama Real Ina buy Barcelona. And how is Sony better than WB? They’re the worst when it comes to studio interference na ku haribu vision ya director, while WB are also guily of this it doesn’t come close to the shit Sony does.

It’s the parent company Time Warner that might sell WB and DC comics if their merger with AT&T doesn’t pan out.

WB has already fvcked up DCEU. I would prefer Sony because I think they are not particularly interested in making Disney like movies. They tried to change the direction of Homecoming but came out and admitted they had lost ‘creative control’ of the character. I prefer serious superhero movies; not comedy type that Disney puts out. That’s why I said I prefer Sony… based on their previous releases.