So apparently the government has found itself between a rock and a hard place. After a president wins an election, the current cabinet is required by law to step aside for fresh vetting to be done by both the majority and minority members of the house but since the minority doesnt recognize uthamakistan rule it seems that the uthamakistan win is not out of the woods yet… Looks like we’ve to a short commercial break.

Na bado. Look at the fisis surrounding Uhuru.

The parliamentary standing orders require that “the minority” be given an opportunity to participate in the vetting.

Please, do not believe for a minute anyone who tells you that the formation of a Cabinet and consequently, the conduct of the role of the executive shall be undertaken just because “the minority” chose to forfeit or forego their right to participate in the vetting of members of the Cabinet. Please.


Those in the minority who don’t wish to participate in the vetting will unfortunately have to go along with the majority. You don’t throw your weight around when no one will hardly notice its impact.


Vetting is by the house committee, no where does the law say both majority and minority… It states that the quorum has to be in place.

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Ma boys bado wako denial

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Na wana mishaara!

A good thing the duo are ignoring the sour grapes

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Nasa are clinging on the last piece of hope that they will stop the functioning of the government.
Even if the standing orders stated otherwise, Jubilee with its numbers could simply change them in an instant.


those are just standing orders and can be changed in a day by JP,… so it’s a non-issue,