Deadbeat boy child


You may recall that last week, a judge in New York ruled that a 30-year-old man must move out of his parent’s house by June 1, 2018, after they served him with several notices asking him to move out.

Alas, this ruling has inadvertently exposed a hidden truth: The situation of the boy child is not all right. A generation of damaged boys are turning into impaired men.

Part of the problem appears to be the encouragement of girls at the expense of boys. Boys’ issues are going unaddressed. They have higher rates of suicide, conduct disorders, emotional disturbance, premature death and juvenile delinquency than their female peers.

Of course the phenomenon of single mothers and Feminazis is not helping. It’s no wonder a generation of boys are growing into deadbeat adults who would rather live in their childhood room, and sleep on their old bed with sheets washed by mummy, than take a chance in the real world.

We tell girls they are amazing and unstoppable by virtue of their gender while manhood is demonised.

The result is a deadbeat male, unsure how to live his life, forced to watch YouTube videos to figure it out.

Feminazis, watch out, you’re destroying society as we know it.

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Everything bad that happens in a community can be blamed on men. Because it is the men who agree with any changes that happens therein.
Women don’t have the power to decide the customs of the community. All they can do is propose and hope men agree with them.

The bloke in New York was raised in a well-balanced, two-parent family… Hata hawa wengi wa Donholm, Jericho, Buruburu - heck, even in the leafy suburbs are brought up in what we would call well-adjusted families - but hey, go ahead and blame single mothers! Kwani ni nini nyinyi na wamama. They are a soft target - so blame them for every conceivable sin!!

Are you a mumama yourself?

If so, holler at a nigga. Hii dry spell haileti raha :D:D

I’m in the Far East, mate. How’s life in your end?


You can’t blame a man for trying his level best.:D:D:D