Dead heat on matchday 17

@jagger_snr has caught up with @vuja de on matchday 17 with a 12 point gap betwen them and third placed @Yollo. @Electronics4u has risen to 4th

If you had predicted all the outcomes correctly, you would have an odd of about 1,300 a bet of 100 bob would have given you about 130k.

So who do you think will win the league?

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I don’t know who will win the league, but I know who won’t win it


gunners will bag it come may 2018…

@jumabekavu hebu njoo uroge @jagger_snr . anasumbua sana


on behalf of @Okiya and yours truly we officially give up this season hii imetukataa

iyo 1gb

Never give up. The season is still young. You might suddenly go on a winning streak of 18 points per week, ushtukie uko top 3

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enjoy for now coz nkiikalia na mwaka mpya…ni mpaka ssn iishe.

ION… izo game za england hazikumess na predictions za watu saana. some ninja got everything right from the English part of the bargain kwa mega jackpot na tumekunywa iyo 36k sai imebaki 12 na hailali.