Most of us have either hooked up with or taken out to coffee or lunch or dinner or drinks, a Tagged girl. If she hooks up and asks for cash you know she is a lanye.

But … Even before this mtu anajuaje ni lanye? Well this is where True Caller comes in. Just call the number she gives before saving it.

If Truecaller says, for example, she is Jane Gatwiri, chances are she is a kawaida girl. If it says Jane Kiambu or Gatwiri Huruma, that is a dead giveaway she is a lanye. That is how some talker has saved her on his phone.

If it says @TrumanCapote hata tusiulizane maswali. Lanye to the power of 10.

Why do you need to dig deeper? If she is on tagged, ni lanye outright.

:D:D:Dhii ni direct sweep…capote ebu njoo ujibu mastaka

Unafanya nini tagged kukatiana, just negotiate the cheapest sex you can get uachane na hao kupeleka dates and hangouts coz the next day atakuwa na planning another date with another nigga

Kuna hii crew lately imejoin Ktalk na Tagged juzi they can’t keep quit about it nikama wamemake some amazing discovery

Hakuna kitu kama dead give away. Tagged is an online brothel and any bitch on tagged is a lanye.

Statistically this isn’t correct. There are always the outliers to every distribution curve. Yours is the observation of a misogynistic mind. But if you reason like you went to school kidogo you’d realize there are always those that fall outside the normal generalisations in each group of people.


Ni ka kupata dem sj na bado huko sure ka anauza.
Your guess is as good as mine…

Ukiona kitu fine Kwanza Katia kabla ya kurukia, utakula bila kulipia.Take that as a lesson from my experience. Otherwise utakuwa unajiwaste ukikula MAchokoraa in the name of hook up.

It’s tagged you moron. Stop this nonsensical argument. Exceptions don’t count.

:D:D:D:D:D sema tu ulidrop mathematics shule. We will understand. Next time I will make a point of posting things related to woodwork and metalwork. :D:D:D:D

I can tell that you are schooled. Unfortunately, your way of thinking won’t resonate with that of the average narrow-minded talker over here. It’s a fact you have to live with.

The bell curve isn’t a mythical book that cannot be exhumed and studied, listen to elders or end up capitan sevaho.

Not all tagged girls are lanyes. I have met decent college kids there who never asked me a dime. Two of them were living under their parents premises so hakuna hata mmoja aliniomba pesa ya bills or anything. Only downside is that they couldn’t stay late at night as they had to go back home. So we would meet mchana and havr fun. Unaweza angukia mali safi huko btw.

Haoa ndo inasemekanana book wise vs street wise. School concept does not apply everywhere young man. Any self respecting lady who joins that shithole will quit in less than a day juu messages zenye watakua bombarded nazo sio za kiheshima. Anybody who chooses to stay has an underlying whorish tendencies

True. Not all tagged girls are lanyes. But its also true that not all food in the dumpster is bad. Why don’t you go dumpster-diving for your food??

tagged ni 150 for 15 minutes, 3k for full night

Who takes a tagged or tinder girl for coffee…

I am your uncle. Tusijibishane. But that said, you look at it from your halfwit perspective. Not everyone in a bar is a drunk. Not everyone in a brothel is a hoe. Not everyone in a school is a student and of course, not everyone on tagged is a lanye.

Sasa kama unajua hivi why are you arguing? Kumbaff!!! The kind of mongoose that argues just for the sake of arguing. People go to tagged for different reasons.