Dead Enemy Combatants have more rights than the People of Siaya, According to Uhuru's Government

According to Nigeria’s Manual on the Laws of War, “maltreatment of dead bodies” is a war crime

Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone’s Instructor Manual (2007) states:
i. Mutilation of bodies is prohibited.
j. The above mentioned actions shall be applied to all dead persons, whether civilian or military, own or enemy forces

Central African Republic
The Central African Republic’s Instructor’s Manual (1999) states in Volume 2 (Instruction for group and patrol leaders) that “dead enemy soldiers must be treated well.”

Israel’s Manual on the Rules of Warfare (2006) states: “The bodies of the fallen must not be desecrated and they must be given suitable burial.”
The manual further states:
It is absolutely forbidden to desecrate the bodies of the enemy’s fallen. Such actions do not contribute anything to the fighting and destroy the human image of both the fallen soldier and the desecrator.

Italy’s Law of War Decree (1938), as amended in 1992, provides: “Commanders shall take all necessary measures to ensure respect for the bodies of enemy dead on the battlefield.”

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