Now wen your baby daddy becomes a dead BEAT what should you do? Am in a group where Ive become a pariah for suggesting that you just think of him as dead instead of kutraumatise watoto by forcing them on a man who doesnt recognize/want them. I mean if the guy had died cha ukweli si ungesimamia hawa watoi peke yako? Seriously,why do women like victimising/embarrassing themselves and their kids in the name of demanding support especially financially? I remember working somewea I would hear gals asking baby daddy on phone. When did you last see the baby? And am like!!! Kwani ni lazma. If someone doesn’t want they don’t want just leave them alone and tell your mind that this person is dead n u must make do as single mom. Ladies you cannot force someone to be responsible kama hataki. Even ladies abdicate kids especially special needs kids but men take the kids and just move on. Why is it so hard for us as women to just let go n move on. Btw men why do you abdicate parental responsibilities?


where is your reach husband?



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It’s hard to raise especially baby son with no fatherly figure around. Thought you should know. For girls it’s different


There was a time I used to think like you then a close friend of mine got pregs na the father of the child ghosted her, I then understood how desperate one can get. Don’t judge, they think about the child first pride inaekwa kando.

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yu again!!!

am tempted to support this.
reason : there no way you can force a grown up do things he doesn’t like,
you can force him to be responsible,
solution : jipange

You can’t make adults follow your perfect standards ma’am.

Nipe mkia nikamue, meffi

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apana tambua

@uwesmake kuja umnyonye huyu fallopian tube ya left awache kusumbua.

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How many groups? @GeorginaMakena

Did you find the answer?

Si go ahead and tell us. You are a woman ain’t you? :eek:

I agree. Don’t beg someone to parent their child lakini pesa atoe cha nguvu. Why do I think you are mixing ishus here? you are asking women to move on from what exactly?


reach husband

Is this you? You’re handsum.

Why? indiscipline ama?

Ako tuu. Ako na some shughulis , we are about to leave to see his relas in another country!

Zile tuu za wamama. Akina Kilimums. Kuna mob. Achana na hizo telegram zenu. Huko kuna exposes Kali Kali no boring minute!