dead beat dad

why would a man of sane mind go to the extent of marrying a single mother…why should you carry the responsibility of another good for nothing foolish bastard man…



Misplace love

Ingine…Inakaa kuna hekaya hapa…ikuom!

hii inakaa hekaya…

hakuna hekaya hapa. can’t people be at least creative and start threads on other topics? one would think the topic was thrashed enough over the weekend…



jamaa alipanuliwa nyap akaskia sweetness akafikiria na mboro akaoa single mother

Eish! Those are very harsh words. Anyways u need to travel to the western world, and get to learn about life.
Hardly do u get people in their 40’s who are still in their 1st marriages.
A good number of adults, either have a step Dad or Mum, the other parent is married somewhere else.
It called life buddy.


This statement is nonsense. Now the so called ‘western world’ is the SI unit for life?? Pliz. People separate all over the world na hawasumbui :mad:


Wewe NV unahitaji kiti. Single mums shudnt all be classified into one group. Alot of them are hardworking but just unfortunate enough to meet fisis like you who just want to hit and run. That shudnt define their lives, i know many who are doing well in life running their own biz and about three that are now remarried to guys i know and making happy homes. I agree,there are those that have the hearts of devils and see all men as dogs but it all started somewhere familiar. This issue cannot be generalised, same way we men dont take it well wen we are all called dogs or watever fancy name. My mum brought my siblings and myself up all by herself divorce and only i know the struggles she went thorough, may she RIP.


Jinga hii …What if ur father is not ur father ,mamako alikutoa wapi

You deserve to be called an Elder. Some of us did not choose to be single mums, but we have to accept the negative publicity and insults from the society.



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And who left all that …some people cant see gold

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Not all that glitters is gold. Dame anaeza kuwa msupa kupindukia but kuishi na yeye ni kama kuishi na chui kwa nyumba


Hii hata iwe nyoka mi naishi nayo. Hata chui ana soft underbelly


He he he. Kweli umebonga kama wahenga kumi. Soft underbelly

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Not again!

Nonsense is relative.